Construction of aluminum door and window cleaning and maintenance

by:AAG     2020-11-08

the overall project engineering should after the completion of the construction, the construction of the aluminum profile is responsible for cleaning all aluminum alloy doors and Windows of glass and other installation of this within the subcontract works include indoor and outdoor thorough cleaning and to provide written proof, ensure the completion inspection and acceptance of engineering can complete the quality standard level in the same industry. 1, clean order? According to the top-down cleaning, indoor and outdoor after first order. 2, cleaning method? When cleaning the glass with a neutral detergent; Between aluminum profile aluminum aluminum profile with cleaning agents, cleaning agents cannot respond to each other, can't misuse when cleaning should be isolated. Cleaning with detergent must be before inspection certificate for aluminium alloy non-corrosive effect after just can use, rinse off with clear water after cleaning. 3, cleaning aluminum profile main tool for cleaning mainly adopts rail type standard tape stretch hanging basket wipe a window machine. 4 a, indoor cleaning, cleaning project? Doors and Windows of the keel protection tape tearing clean cloth dipped in water or wipe the xylene that day keel on bonding agent of aluminium alloy profiles and then remove adornment material protective film has pollution in wash clean with clear water flushing with cleaner finally wipe with dry cloth. B, outdoor cleaning? Large wall area high altitude so use tape stretch hanging basket rail type standard wipe a window machine for cleaning.
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