Company specializing in the production of aluminum, including industrial aluminum profile, aluminum accessories, aluminum alloy workbench, aluminum fittings, guangdong aluminum extrusions, assembly line aluminum, aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-16
City aluminum co. , LTD is a professional engaged in all kinds of industrial aluminium profile, aluminum production and processing, sales and transportation enterprise. The company is located in baoan district songgang town pool first industrial zone of the west in A7 building, the main business: aluminum aluminum profile, industrial aluminum, European standard. Purification lu: xingcai, assembly line, aluminum, aluminum table and so on. Since 2004 we with quality and service advantages, as well as the modern type of formal sales units, customers in major cities throughout the country. 'Win-win' is the operating principle of city aluminum co. , LTD. , 'quality first' is one of the important management idea, aluminum co. , LTD. , the implementation of total quality management, establish a strict management mechanism, and in accordance with requirements of the market economy system, establish and improve the quality of the responsibility mechanism, to the quality management to benefit. Company staff at all levels also put the quality as the root of the enterprise living and prosperity. In strict accordance with international and national standards for production; Adhere to the layers of director is the principle of the person in charge of quality first and education staff firmly establish a production and business operation concept of 'quality first' quality wins. And strictly implement the quality specification and quality assessment, insist on quality veto power, achieve the quality responsibility layers of decomposition, implementation to the people. All the quality responsibility, all strictly the quality pass, to ensure the quality of products. And service is the extension of product quality, therefore, we set up a sound quality assurance system at the same time, also set up perfect after-sales service system, to customers to provide quality products at the same time, and provide high quality service. - we can meet you - - According to your requirement, based on your actual use for production requirements. City aluminum co. , LTD. , further into the field, we will closely cooperate with each big enterprise deep for clients to solve the problem, bring benefits for the enterprise to improve enterprise well-knownness, a total of a development, achieve the goal of a win-win situation, to win more. In the rapid economic development of society we will together with you to success.
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