Coating industry new way: low carbon environmental protection

by:AAG     2020-11-07

the development of Chinese economy enters the new normal, is central to make major strategic judgment. Understanding the new normal, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal, China's economic development is the current and future a period of big trend logic. Nowadays, coating industry into the deep transformation, adjustment, coating aluminum manufacturers how to adapt to the current market situation become a coatings industry topics of concern. China's economic development speed is slow, surface of & other; The new normal & throughout; Means more healthy development state. Coating the overall market is still growing, the total market is huge, many opportunities. Developing constantly, coating aluminum manufacturers produced a batch of domestic have considerable strength and popularity of national green coating brand. Water paint, for example, domestic aluminum manufacturer, full water paint production has been on the environmental protection and maintain the health of consumers rights and interests, focus on research and development and production to meet the requirements of environmental protection water paint products. In & other; Water feed back & throughout; Under the trend of water paint relies on energy conservation and environmental protection, non-combustible don't explode, ultra low emission characteristics, will highlight advantages in the coating industry. Professionals said: & other; Water-based paint, environmental protection coating not only beautify the home environment, enhanced the people, the pursuit of quality of life, at the same time aluminum manufacturer does not harm people's health. The water on the international paint has reached 70% to 80% of the market share. In some developed countries have even reached 90%. At home, only account for about 10% of water paint. Therefore, the water paint market development space is very big. ” Change is the law of history and the market, and the water paint instead of paint is a revolution, is the human survival needs, the necessity of developing science and technology. With modern science and technology and the development of modern industry, the environmental pollution to people live in the earth, and humanity itself caused great threat. Traditional coating contains a large amount of solvent, the atmosphere in the process of manufacturing and construction, is both environmental pollution. Low carbon environmental protection is the way out of the paint industry, maximize the replace solvent-based coating with environmentally friendly coatings, makes a comprehensive environmental protection coating, waterborne.
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