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by:AAG     2020-11-06

the project tower 75 layers, annexes 5 layer, the basement of 4 layers. Structure type is: the core drum tower for frame shear structure, the casing outside the tower drum for steel structure, floor for LouCheng plate; The skirt building and basement for frame shear structure. (1) the core tube wall column, floor adopts aluminum template process ( After the completion of the casting template demolition) 。 Aluminum template does not allow for random perforation, nail, welding and other operations. (2) the casing outside the container floor is made of pressed steel plate ( LouCheng board) After the completion of the process, the casting is not removed. Aluminum formwork construction project electrical and mechanical embed the difficulties of (1) reserved for & other Aluminum template & throughout; For procedural assembling, so do not get optional open hole, the hole on the template, lead to embed and line pipe with pipe, mechanical and electrical box must be built in positioning, and to plan ahead, and must be accurate. (2) regular wooden template construction using nail wooden box on the floor of the reserved floor hole method won't work, the casing or reserved hole model on the aluminum template fixed difficulty. (3) for LouCheng plate is not removed after concrete pouring, so wear floor line pipe, casing and junction box installed in accordance with the construction technology of wooden template. The construction process of mechanical and electrical project reserve embedded ( 1) Grounding, equalizing ring, 40 * 4 equipotential welding galvanized flat iron are inside the wall reinforcement, beams reinforced, the same as traditional wood formwork construction technology. Was not cross with aluminum formwork in the construction process, contact the phenomenon. Casing wear beam with conflicting template does not exist. Way as shown in figure: the scene instance ( 2) Core tube electric piping, reserved holes with aluminum formwork construction technology: (1) floor of line work bound and fixed on the floor reinforcement wire. (2) junction box adopts & other; Clamp method & throughout; Fixed. Junction box and aluminum template contact closely, and then stuck with short steel head around the box, and prevent the box in horizontal direction. Lu: xingcai reinforcement short steel spot welding ( Or tie) On the floor bottom reinforcement. With wire on the box again & other; Ten & throughout; Type fixed to the nearest floor beam rebar, prevent the junction box to move up and down. Way as shown in figure: the scene instance (3) the standard layer in the bottom of the beam line pipe using & other Aluminum template hole & throughout; The way of embedded. Because of the girder steel is very dense, wear in beam line at the bottom of the tube is embedded in the form of a box for installation, after the communication with the total package aluminum mould unit, the standard layer line in the bottom of the beam position open and pipe diameter equal to the size of the hole, line pipe directly through the template. Line pipe with hole colligation closely contact with o-ring seal or tape, prevent concrete pouring slurry leakage phenomenon. Before standard layer of aluminum mold opening, the opening position location accurate, the hole and the aluminum template tag, the next layer of template installation must ensure that the template the location accuracy. Way as shown in figure: the scene instance (4) line pipe by the core tube plate connected to the practice of outer frame tube panel as shown in figure: the scene instance (5) the core tube shear wall line pipe pipe way as shown in figure: because of box can't direct contact with aluminum template fixed on a template, can only on the steel bar binding, therefore the depth of the junction box to increase ( 10 cm deep) 。 6 reserved holes or casing pipe adopt & other; Ten & throughout; Type suspension in the bottom of rebar or fixed beam reinforcement to the nearest way. ( 3) Outer frame tube electric piping, the reserved hole construction technology (1) line works bound and fixed on the floor reinforcement wire. (2) the junction box and reserved hole sleeve & other; Well & throughout; Word of banding, fixed on the floor plate; The bottom of the ears junction box, screw nail on the LouCheng board by the ear canal. When embedded with openings for opening or embedded markup, aluminum threading hole again and again. Embedded in the diameter of the hole should be smaller than the junction box diameter, prevent from box when unable to completely cover the opening hole lead to concrete casting slurry leakage phenomenon. (3) LouCheng plate truss spacing is 200 mm, terminal box embedded, reasonable arrangement between the truss. Outer frame tube embedded as shown in figure: the scene instance pay attention to product protection (1) it is strictly prohibited in the process of construction on the aluminum template hole, hole at will. (2) during the construction of electric welding, the welding place fire welding or fire welding plate, should be adopted to prevent the welding slag splashing onto the aluminum template. (3) in the process of concrete pouring, professional master must be prepared to check at the scene, prevent box fall off wait for a phenomenon.
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