China robot revolution or a surge in shipments robots will influence the global economy

by:AAG     2020-11-07

Beijing time on August 23, morning news, from the point of the world, China's installed the largest number of robot, and may affect other countries. According to the international shipping association estimates that China's robot shipments surged 27% last year, 90000, hit a record of shipment, individual countries account for almost a third of the global total, by 2019 that figure will climb to 160000, almost double than now. In 2016 different countries robot shipments to estimate market research firm Bloomberg, Intelligence, according to a report published this week the astonishing pace did not weaken China's wage level, aluminum automatic impact to pay has not yet appeared on the data, but may affect the global economy. Economists say, automation may promote productivity growth, the horse round to make exports more competitive, but also could increase in the use of robots in domestic income inequality, weaken consumption, moreover, these effects or will be extended to other countries outside of China. Bloomberg Intelligence economist Tom & middot; Ole grams ( Tom Orlik) And Fielding & middot; Chen ( 菲尔丁陈) Think, & other; By promoting supply and demand, and automation adds the risk of China rely on export-led growth, to a more balanced domestic economy and the global economy as a threat. ” Wage income has not been affected. Compiled by Bloomberg, Intelligence, according to the survey data of Chinese family finance in 2010 - aluminum processing 2014 years, the domestic high school education of manufacturing workers wages rose by 53%. “ For medium skilled workers, increasing the use of the robot is supposed to be a bad news, especially using automated means complete step-by-step work, & throughout; Ole, and Chen says. “ But in China, wage growth is still rapidly, the normal operation of secondary technical workers is higher than the average. ” China's industrial robot running inventory estimated amount government comprehensive implementation of the 'made in China 2025' plan, a robot is to upgrade the factory and bring it to the core of the highly automated and advanced technology, aluminum profile to robot instead of the assembly line workers will help to eliminate labor force aging problem. According to the international federation of robotics ( IFR) Statistics, although China is pursued in South Korea and Singapore and other world leaders, but the use of robots tend to be saturated, using density is lower than the world average. Different countries per ten thousand people possession quantity of industrial robots China is also buying more and more independent development of the robot. In 'made in China 2025' aluminum processing plan and last year's five-year plan of the robot, Beijing will focus on automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, such as logistics and food important automation field. Bloomberg, Intelligence, points out that & other; The robot revolution & throughout; Can improve productivity and brought benefits to the capital owner, it will damage the interests of the workers, the horse round could lead to greater inequality. Ole, and Chen think for household consumption, this could be bad news, social and economic shift toward consumption-driven steps or will slow. The Chinese government also wants to increase in the domestic market share $11 billion robots Chinese brand share of goals from last year's 31% increase to 2020 by more than 50%, and in 2020 annual production of 100000 sets of robot, and the output of 2015 to 3. 30000 units. Bloomberg Intelligence thinks, this means that the competition will intensify, especially in the current supplies 67% of China's market for foreign companies, such as Japan's (fanuc LTD 发那科公司。 ) And yaskawa electric corporation ( 安川电气集团。 ) 。
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