China nonferrous metals industry rapid development of aluminium or back to disadvantaged concussion pattern

by:AAG     2020-11-11

in September, the domestic aluminum futures price suppression before they are young. Face the weakness of the macroeconomic data and supply expected pressure rise, three weeks before trading, continuous diving, Shanghai aluminum three-month minimum ground to 11630 yuan/ton. In mid to late September, the country the latest regulation on administration of highway transfinite transport vehicle is officially implemented. Under the new rules affect domestic electrolytic aluminum road transportation cost increase, railway capacity at the same time, tend to be saturated, aluminum ingots warehouse into main area in late September after the arrival of the goods continues to decline, tight spot of late become a leading domestic aluminum futures prices rebounded sharply of important factor. Shanghai aluminum main contract at site before the National Day 12000 yuan/ton integer, recover early losses. As of September 30, 2016, SHFE ( The Shanghai futures exchange) Three-month aluminum fell to its lowest 11630 yuan/ton, the highest to 12240 yuan/ton, 12080 yuan/ton, rising from 0. 25%. In September, SHFE aluminum futures contracts that month average price is 12537 yuan/ton, a rise of 0 in the last month. 5%, three months average price is 12104 yuan/ton, down 1 compared with last month. 1%. In October 2016, China's new cast aluminium and restart capacity still very considerable scale. In October, according to antaike forecast China's electrolytic aluminium cast and restart new capacity up to about 700000 tons/year, electrolytic aluminum production capacity or operation will be more than 34. 6 million tons/year; In domestic demand gradually into the off-season, aluminum exports not implemented under the condition of positive growth, excess pressure or domestic market supply and demand will increase further. Although recent market affected by transportation rules, aluminum ingots spot procurement is tighter, but on the whole, in the face of domestic electrolytic aluminium supply into rapid growth, the future transport to the market will gradually weaken the influence of aluminum or return to the disadvantaged concussion pattern. Macro aspect, September China fluctuates up and down main macroeconomic indicators is still at the critical point. In late September aluminum reserves fell $18. 8 billion to 31663. $800 million, the lowest level since May 2011. Under the condition of the domestic capital environment overall tightening, capital outflows under expanded brought certain negative impact on economic growth. Abroad, in the case of economic downside risks persist, the European central bank (ECB) will remain stimulus policies to boost the possibility of inflation. And as the U. S. economic data continues to improve, the fed to raise interest rates expected to further increase, the dollar index bottoms out will cause suppression of base metal prices. To sum up, antaike is expected in October to LME ( The London metal exchange) The three-month aluminum running roughly space for 1580 & ndash; $1700 / ton, Shanghai aluminum main contract operation space for roughly 11500 & ndash; 12200 yuan/ton. Over the past decade, China has been a global aluminum consumption application of the fastest growing countries. In recent five years, China's efforts to expand domestic aluminum application and achievements in the global aluminum industry is there for all to see. Global aluminum consumption growth slowed markedly in 2015, under the condition of China's aluminium consumption remains around 8% growth rate, and the markets except China aluminum consumption growth is only 1. 5%. At the same time, China's aluminium exports the United States accounted for the proportion of China's total exports is not high, according to Chinese customs statistics, from 2013 to 2015, the data of 10 respectively. 1%, 11. 5%, 11. 7%. At the same time, China's imports from the United States also aluminum. From 2013 to 2015, China's imports from the United States aluminum accounted for the proportion of China's total imports of aluminum, aluminum at 7. 1%, 6. 2%, 7. 0%. Are in and out of each other under the background of globalization, it is the result of the complementary division of the world production capacity, product structure, and should not be unilateral interpretation for & other; Dumping & throughout; 。 With rapid development of China nonferrous metals industry aluminium and application of new material continuously made new achievements. Through austerity, decreasing the consumption, the efficiency, the enterprise will be aluminium & other; Throughout, high-energy-consuming and resource-dependent &; Project promoted to the all-round development of circular economy and make full use of the renewable energy and resources in the process of production, highly eye on ecological environmental protection work, increase investment of science and technology research and development strength, the aluminum industry to do international generally accepted standards.
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