China nonferrous group third party congress held in Beijing

by:AAG     2020-11-06

【 This newspaper news 】 Approved by state-owned assets supervision and administration committee, on July 5 ~ 6, the communist party of China (China nonferrous mining group co. , LTD. , the third congress held in Beijing. The conference is nonferrous group in China to carry out the comprehensive governing party strategic deployment requirements, in accordance with & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Planning to deepen the reform, speed up the development of the key period of, is a history of the party's construction and the reform of China's nonferrous group continuity, an extremely important landmark conference. The central commission for discipline inspection in sasac Hu Xianzheng team deputy team leader, the party construction of state-owned assets supervision and administration bureau investigator from MAO to assembly instruction. Old China nonferrous group leader zhang jian is invited to the conference. Podium ke-li zhang comrade party committee work report congress, hearing and deliberating the ke-li zhang on behalf of the Chinese colored group made the last of the party committee, the party to carry out the comprehensive stricter requirements, and constantly enhance the level of party construction and to build a world-class mining group provide a strong guarantee of work report. Report comprehensive review summarizes China nonferrous group party committee since the second party's work. According to the report, the second committee of the communist party of China's nonferrous group since the last party congress, with deng xiaoping theory, & other; Three representative & throughout; Important thought and the scientific outlook on development as guidance, in-depth study and implement xi jinping, general secretary of the series of important speech spirit, earnestly implement the party's 17th, 18th and 18 previous session spirit, closely around the enterprise center, give play to the role of the core leadership of party and political core, effectively mobilized the enthusiasm of all party members and cadres and employees and the creativity, the scale of China nonferrous group strength improved significantly, to enhance competitiveness and influence, party construction has achieved obvious results. Report comprehensively analyzed the situation and task faced by the reform and development of Chinese nonferrous group, profoundly summed up the reform, development and practice of Chinese nonferrous group leave an important enlightenment: must always adhere to the leadership of the party, must be rightfully and stronger do best do big, do a business must always adhere to the following rules, always have to strengthen the regulation of the enterprise and strict management of cadres, must insist on & other; Party building around the center, and pay special attention to the party promoting development & throughout; Problems, must always be oriented. Report presented China nonferrous group in the next five years the overall targets and guiding ideology of party construction, deployment of the six aspects of tasks: one is sticking with xi jinping, general secretary of the series of important speech spirit mind on the ideology construction achieve new results; The second is to carry out the party party responsibility, new strides on party construction responsibility system sound; 3 it is to deepen the leadership and cadres team construction, realize the new breakthrough in the talent team construction; Four is the prominent role play, on the grass-roots party organizations and party members team construction reveals new vitality; Aluminum alloy wire slot five is always stand in the front, discipline and rules in pioneered a new situation to strengthen the construction of anti-corruption; Six is to strengthen the ideological and political work of the enterprise, the enterprise culture construction and under the new atmosphere at work. The delegation group review conference examined titled 'in-depth implementation & other; Two responsibility & throughout; , strengthen the supervision and enforcement accountability, for the world to create a first-class mining group discipline commission for discipline inspection work of security report. According to the report, since the second party congress, China nonferrous group commission for discipline inspection, in accordance with requirements of the comprehensive governing party, continue to deepen & other; Three turn & throughout; , strengthen the supervision and enforcement accountability, strictly implement the central eight spirit, solid propulsion system of anti-corruption mechanism construction, the party's style to build a clean government and anti-corruption work make new achievements. Report on the basis of summarizing the work experience, puts forward over the next five years China nonferrous group of party to build a clean government and anti-corruption work overall ideas and work Suggestions: one is the serious inner-party political life, and to strengthen the supervision within the party, strengthen the comprehensive governing party; Second is to strengthen responsibility bear, insist on duty will ask, to carry out the comprehensive governing party political responsibility; 3 it is constancy to correct & other; The four winds & throughout; And let the central eight spirit homestead; Fourth, strengthen discipline review, using supervision enforcement & other; Four kinds of form throughout the &; For strengthening & other; Dare not rot & throughout; The atmosphere; Fifth, strengthen construction of anti-corruption system and honesty education, strive to build & other; Can't rot & throughout; Institutions and mechanisms and & other Don't want to rot & throughout; The ideological line; Six is to strengthen its own construction, build loyalty, clean, the discipline inspection team. The assembly elected by secret ballot balance of the communist party of China's nonferrous group third session of the council and commission for discipline inspection. In the subsequent meeting of the third party committee and commission for discipline inspection at the plenary meeting for the first time, elected the vice secretary of party committee and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection,. Congress for a vote congress for a vote by the resolution about report on the work of the party committee, commission for discipline inspection. Congress called for the party organizations at all levels and all the communist party member, holding the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, metal trough seriously implement the general secretary xi series important speech spirit, new ideas new strategy and new governing principle politics ideal, more closely unite around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, the party to carry out the comprehensive stricter requirements. Closely around the service center, the core tasks of the construction team, to learn the publicity and implement the party's 19 big spirit as the main line, with serious emphasizes the political life and strengthen the supervision within the party to & other; Two learn how to make a & throughout; Learning education system of normalized into a gripper, and party construction responsibility system as guarantee, don't forget to beginner's mind, self-motivated, persistent dream, awake again XinCheng, solidly complete all work of the party construction and the reform and development of Chinese nonferrous group, to achieve the goal of China's nonferrous group into a world-class mining group, the grand goal of struggle!
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