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by:AAG     2020-11-09

China: China in the first quarter of 2016 economic report, overall market expectations & other; Start & throughout; Go ahead. Despite China's first-quarter GDP growth slowed to 6 on schedule. 7%, but the rest are far more than expected economic data. 1, according to data from China March urban fixed asset investment, industrial output in March, China's real estate development investment in the first quarter, China's total retail sales of social consumer goods in March, according to were better than expected and the former value. It is worth noting that China's M2 growth rate was only about 13 March. 13 4%, slightly less than expected. 5%, and March 22 M1 year-on-year. 1%, far more than expected and the value, and the new credit in March, the medium and long-term loans accounted for obvious increase, according to the market vigor, enterprises and residents' desire to invest. Us: as the United States in the first quarter growth again, fed officials also have turned. Despite U. S. job market continues to release the strong signal, claims for jobless benefits last week to the lowest in 1973, but the weakness for march inflation in the United States and less than expected retail sales, have weakened the fed to raise interest rates again. Atlanta fed President Dennis Lockhart said dovish comments, & other; The current U. S. inflation still not achieve the target, patience to promote policy is reasonable & throughout; , but as the fed's beige book released on Thursday optimistic tone, Lockhart did not lose confidence for the U. S. economy, think & other; CPI data will not cause significant change to the economic outlook & throughout; 。 Europe: Britain to take off the risk not only affect the market sentiment, more have a negative impact on the economy development. The boe meeting minutes released overnight in keep interest rates unchanged, also warned, & other; If the refund, will not only bring continuous uncertain, will hit the UK economy in the short term & throughout; 。 This thesis also published in a recent economic data appearing in Britain. Data show that not only the performance of manufacturing greatly weaken, and the exit blocked, Britain's deficit also makes the market worried about. Britain withdrew the risk of the impact of the global market, also caused the extensive concern of the IMF, world bank and other international organizations, IMF managing director Christine lagarde hinted that & other; Britain's European may make Europe a fragile economic recovery out of place, and hurt outside Europe & throughout; 。 Relevant market: the doha conference on the eve of the long-short market factors interweave, abnormal oil market performance. Although Saudi Arabia and Russia says it has frozen agreement, once the oil market and the IEA said & other; Because of the shale oil production decreases, excess oil situation is expected to gradually disappear & throughout; Overnight, but the IEA cut its 2016 forecast for global oil demand, also think & other; Saudi Arabia and Russia's oil production has been at or near record levels, and in addition to Iran don't have much upside & other; So throughout the &; The doha meeting frozen produce agreement throughout limited & effects on oil supply and demand; 。 The comments of the oil market reproduce choice, fund market and therefore passive widening amplitude. 【 Industry data 】 Inventory, on April 14, the LME copper stocks increase global 25 tons to 146500 tons. Copper stocks in Asia, Malaysia's johor reduce 100 tons to 25350 tons, an increase of 1900 tons to 21350 tons in Singapore, Taiwan kaohsiung, an increase of 300 tons to 825 tons, the rest are unchanged. LME copper cancelled warrants 34050 tons, accounting for more than 23. 24%. Outside dish up premium, on April 14, the LME spot copper for three-month copper 16 liters of water. 75 dollars/tons, from April 13 liters of 22. 25 dollars/ton. On Friday at 10:30, Shanghai copper 20 yuan/ton premium or premium now 90 yuan/ton. Shanghai copper futures volatility before delivery is given priority to, every other month basis to maintain 150 yuan/ton, the spot to 1605 contracts offer a positive, light volume. Specific to 11:30 SMM is now released copper discount quotation shall prevail. 【 Technical analysis 】 Interest rates expected in the United States continues to abate, under the condition of economic data also slightly less than expected, the dollar rather than a fall, overnight the monetary authority of Singapore joined army of loose and Canada warned a strong Canadian dollar damage the economy's comments, also boosted the dollar. But on descending triangle rail pressure is still slightly limited dollar gains. By the mood swings of crude oil and the influence of Chinese positive economic data released on schedule, or face the risk of positive cash market, together with some varieties of exist above the pressure, and the day after delivery, or unfavorable to the market too much looking forward to today, every high short or mainstream thinking, but the strength of the varieties differentiation pattern will also continue to continue. ( Shanghai non-ferrous nets Xu Hui) Read the APS focus on honesty, aluminum revolving cars - heart communication Contracted and not simple revolving cars aluminum revolving cars which is good
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