China aluminum cans, the scale of production and research and development ability win trade

by:AAG     2020-11-10

in 2015 to complete the acquisition of aerosol filling, the aerosol products production and sales business, for China's aluminium cans ( 1. 3, 0. 02, 1. 56%) ( 06899 - 香港) Profitable contribution to revenue in the first half of this year was 65%, and the company's financial director kam-fai li Hong Kong revealed in an interview with rich Chinese community, their aerosol brand rooted in China for 30 years, more than 1300 dealers, the mainstay of future consolidating the domestic market, at the same time to strengthen brand promotion to the whole of Asia, the first stop is Japan. As for the business of aluminum aerosol cans, kam-fai li refers to that the future will increase product structure diversification, focus on high-tech tank type; China's aluminium cans existing aluminum aerosol cans production line 12, the future 1, 2 years intention to buy 1 to 2 production lines to expand capacity. In addition to the production scale, strong research and development ability is also one of the strengths of China's aluminium cans
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