Chalco zhongzhou first oxide aluminum plant in August metallurgical grade alumina manufacturing costs the lowest years

by:AAG     2020-11-10

first zhongzhou aluminium oxide aluminum plant in August metallurgical grade alumina manufacturing costs the lowest years domestic bauxite supply nervous! Decline in bauxite grade! Outsourcing concentrate into the factory often restricted! In the original fuels such as coal, liquid alkali & quot; Rose & quot; The sound & hellip; … In August, alumina production encountered difficulties. The trouble is that inspection capacity & quot; Test & quot; 。 The first oxide aluminium factory director in should be determined: & quot; External conditions, we should depend on ourselves, eyes inward and rely on people's efforts, make up for the negative influence of the external. ” To solve the outsourcing concentrate quantity and tight straight grinding ore quantity & quot; Food & quot; Crisis, vigorously promotes the factory improve the quantity produced concentrate grinding and separation process control. ” To ensure that the 8 selected grinding flotation on seven series of stable operation. ” Grinding area is hungry. Tracking grinding machine maintenance, equipment management personnel 24 hours to urge maintenance compact construction personnel safety operation, race against time catch up. The plant organ and regional employees to work overtime for loading of steel ball grinding machine, 11 # 3 # grinding machine, grinding machine overhaul, successively in the smooth production. At the same time, floating area to strengthen the rainy season grinding machine feeding technique, & quot; Keep grinding group & quot; Members took shifts tong warehouse smashing warehouse, ensure the mill discharge stability. And behold, 5 # thickener appear problem, & quot; Muzzle & quot; The desulfurization system production, the area in the plant and ground attack, the first time help the parties to eliminate the fault quickly, in the shortest possible time to recover the desulfurization system is running. Stripping unit feed rate relations from the authors, and sedimentation process through capacity directly affects the stripping unit feed rate. Ore quality decline, however, has led to the pre desilication al-si ratio index from degradation, stripping unit feed by & quot; Fine flour & quot; Turned out to be & quot; Coarse food grain & quot; , brought outside red mud content increased. How to solve this problem? Lean operation is the key. Dissolution of regional organization adjustment, production technology backbone classes operations center to strengthen the process control to supervise the plant production, exploration and groove, sampling analysis and careful inspection, to eliminate the separation and sink problem such as mud, muddy run, maintain stability through settlement system. At the same time, the use of three or four units dissolution plan maintenance opportunity, the smooth completion of new indirect heating casing fork putting-in-service proactively, compressing the direct heating steam ratio, and steam exhaust into low pressure pipe network, makes the production process steam rate significantly lower. Influenced by the decomposition rate of costs. Increase the rate of decomposition team to strengthen the process control, closely tracking cooling, fluid volume distribution points, vertical plate with various factors such as operation, actively promote the kind of tank cleaning maintenance schedule, processing production problems in a timely manner. Made an effort, and reap the results. That month, the plant rate are increased target value 0. 42%. Throughout the production and operation of the August first oxide aluminium factory cadre staff from pressurized stability-obsessed, based on the internal activity of deep exploration, entrance, and ensure that the operating specification implementation in place, stable operation, accident losses fell sharply. In the end, will be the lowest cost metallurgical grade alumina producing years grades grip in the hand, and for the first time complete zhongzhou aluminium of target cost.
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