Cast aluminum alkali corrosion process

by:AAG     2020-11-07

cast aluminum parts in addition to containing free silicon, and a variety of compounds between metal and other inclusions. And because the cast aluminum loose organization, so there may be uneven phenomenon such as chemical composition segregation, after casting cooling at the same time raw surface and the oxide film formed. Alkali corrosion time is short, cast aluminum parts may not be completely divided, aluminum manufacturers and alkali corrosion casting aluminium dissolution rate is faster, often after alkali corrosion caused corrosion of cast aluminum, thus causing the change of the size tolerance, even will cause the product scrap. In view of the above the existence of this situation, can take change alkali corrosion process to solve, after casting the alkali erosion processing first. Aluminum manufacturers according to the process operation can prevent caused by alkali corrosion occurs, the problems of the scrap parts and good surface quality after oxidation. Adopt the alkali corrosion method can avoid parts by corrosion, alkali corrosion after still can use 1:1 hydrochloric acid for 2 ~ 3 s quickly out of the light, instead of the bigger toxicity hydrofluoric acid, both advantages of environmental protection, improve labor condition, but also reduce the production cost.
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