Aluminum tube and square

Bull power obvious advantages in Shanghai aluminum after suppression Yang first

by:AAG     2020-11-07

Shanghai aluminum morning open to 16680 yuan/ton, early into the long empty aluminium pressure slightly, hitting a low hit 16605 yuan/ton, then long confidence gradually up, pushing up prices slowly upward, esd workstation at the end of the plate reach 16820 yuan/ton, but a naked in front of it and the Shanghai aluminum pared some gains closed at 16770 yuan/ton, turnover increased to 341804, increased holdings of 24700 to 440952 hands, anti-static workbench Shanghai aluminum holdings increased 28526 to 1019992 hands, high refresh again before. Due to the electrolytic aluminium cost up, stack the heating season limit production expected, aluminum prices up to down characteristics maintain easily, next week, the Shanghai aluminum main contract will run high and volatile in 16500 ~ 17000 yuan/ton, anti-static workbench focus or will move up further, pay attention to high position change trend. ( Shanghai non-ferrous nets Wang Rui)
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