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Broken bridge aluminum extrusions to replace plastic aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-07

broken bridge aluminum extrusions how to replace the plastic strength of aluminum broken bridge aluminum alloy in terms of resistance to wind a lot stronger than model steel window, frequently don't have to add steel lining, aluminum broken bridge aluminum alloy used in 40 multilayer residential buildings also have no problem, can completely meet the requirements of resistance to the typhoon. This aspect of aluminum do not so good, now do with high-level model steel window, in the long run will air leakage, and windy will vibrate. The durability aspect. Foreign research data showed that the broken bridge aluminum alloy used in Europe for more than thirty years, wen xin plastic material according to European standard test of accelerated aging test 6000 hours, reaching and significantly more than the latest EN12608 - performance 2002, second to none in the aluminum, beyond dispute. The durability of broken bridge aluminum alloy aluminum alloy itself is good, but because gong screw, guide rail material is aluminium, the practice proved can produce electrochemical corrosion, aluminum many old aluminum alloy extrusions push-pull is not flexible due to it is for this reason. Together broken bridge aluminum window: good heat preservation, sound insulation, high strength, good airtight, watertight, fire alarm and long service life. Model steel window: economic, easy to change color, low strength, poor sealing, poor fire and aging.
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