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BESTSUN Aluminum flat roof solar panels mount, 20 kw solar mount kit for home using

BESTSUN Aluminum flat roof solar panels mount, 20 kw solar mount kit for home using

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Quick Details
3months-1year, 25 Years Life Time
Free installation service:
Place of Origin:
Fujian, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Work Time (h):
24 Hours
Black and white
ISO 9001
Sonw pressure:
Wind pressure:
Aluminium alloy and stainless steel
Load Power (W):
5000w 10kw 15KW
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
4000 Unit/Units per Month
Video Description
Company Information

Asia Aluminum Group factory is one of the largest manufacturers of extruded aluminum profiles in Asia. Since its establishment in 1991,the Company is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of advanced high precision extruded aluminum profiles.Through years of effort and perseverance, Asia Aluminum's product range has expanded from architectural doors,windows and curtain walls to various industrial profiles, aviation,rail transportation,automotive electronics application, communication technology,IT etc., with its products being used all over the world.



20 years of history, solar system support millions of solar mounting and thousands of tons  of aluminum profile of solar mounting become our company's milestones.


Brilliance-Alu company born in 1998, its origins go back to when it was a distributor of aluminum profile in its country, China. A market, which for solar energy to a tremendous growth for the company and then allowed it to position itself as a manufacturer of solar mounting. The favorable policies made of this country a very important market, for the international renewable energy sector, as well as a springboard to forge I Do Solar’s future success. 


Throughout all these years I Do Solar has shown solution, quality of service and extensive experience with hundreds of projects in over 10 countries. A job well done which has finally been rewarded with the AAG’s member in 2016.


I Do Solar company, with extensive path and clear international vocation since its inception, is currently on booming, mainly due to the cost reduction. I Do Solar has a global presence from its central offices (Shanghai), factory(Jiangyin City), logistic warehouses, production facilities (China), and partners (in more than 20 countries).

Tin roof kits

      L-Bracket with 6.3mm    Aluminum module rail              Rail Joiner 100mm              Earthing Lug 4-6mm Core

Connecting hole, comes       Used as standard for multiple     Cover the back of the rail        Attach earthing wire to the rail

with EPDM rubber seal         roof types, used with clamps       allowing a super strong bond   via earthing washer, lug has both 

using with various metal       and brackets Check Manuals      between the joining rails.this    4mm and 6mm port holes to acco

roof types. Not come with     for bracket spacings.                   allows zero twist or flex at the    modate for each wire types.

roffing screw to suit you.                                                          joining point.


Universal Mid-Clamp                Universal Mid-Clamp with     Universal 50mm End-Clamp       Brackets

Fit all module types from 31mm                      Earthing                        Fit all module types from 31mm to           Various models are adapted

to 50mm modules, uses custom        Comes with built-in Earthing            50mm. Easily change the clamp hight        to different roof structures

designed spring, loading the clamp    plate.                                                     within seconds while working on the           

while installing the module for                                                                             roof.

ease of installation.


Welcome inquiry

For Saving Your Precious Time, We Need To Know These Information First!


1.  What are the local wind speed and snow pressure?


2. What is the total power of the project?

      How much solar panels are used in this solar energy system?

   Whats the size of the solar panel? Length, width and sickness?

   Most common size is: 1650×992×35/40/45/50mm


3. For roof mounting:

   What kind of roof structure? Tin roof, Tile roof, Flat roof or other roof?

   How much roof is the solar system used on?

   Each roof’’s size, length and width


4. For ground mounting:

   First, we need the soil quality report.

   Second, what is the solar system fixed mode? Ground screw, cement block or others.

   Third, what is the ground type? Single column, double column, four column and others.

   Fourth, what is the maximum distance from the ground?

               What is the minimum distance from the ground?


Send us these messages, our professional engineers design projects for you for free.

For more detail information and quotation

please contact us: 

Manager:Michelle Qin

Tel/Wechat: +86 15015568979




The product has lots of advantages and thus will have more and more applications in the future. The product conforms to the requirements of low carbon. The product, with many superior benefits, is used by more and more people. The product conforms to the requirements of low carbon.
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