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Bauxite market: sierra leone Jamaica on the Chinese market is welcome in the world

by:AAG     2020-11-06

bauxite market: sierra leone Jamaica on the Chinese market is global welcome according to import customs data show that imports of bauxite in China in May, 2017, 566. 80000 tons, year-on-year growth of 47. 79%, aluminum manufacturers from 1. 5%, continue to record over the past two years; Five months before China's total imports 25. 17 million tons of bauxite, rose 16. 25%. Faceted blossoms import market during the month, in addition to the Brazilian bauxite imports decreased significantly, bauxite imports basically stable, guinea, Australia, Malaysia, India imports hit highs, Ghana, Solomon, Montenegro, Vietnam maintain one or two ship the amount of the arrival of the goods. In addition, following the sierra leone bauxite in April the first ship landed in China, the country and receive the first ship Jamaica may bauxite, in today's various DaXiaoGuo supply steadily, bauxite into China, there are still other countries can predict the future global bauxite supply still has great potential. Guinea imports declined to 226 this month. 60000 tons, an increase of 131. 06%, fell 3. 01%, 1. 92 million tons of aluminum manufacturers continue to lead the Australian imports, the first import market; Five months before the guinea bauxite imports 9. 44 million tons, an increase of 164. 54%. Win the league now has four mine into production, with daily capacity of 180000 tons of ore mining; Built two inland port, 8 berths, have the ability to every shipment of 120000 tons of bauxite, land and water transportation also have carrying 14 - The ability of 160000 tons of bauxite, according to the expected level, our country guinea bauxite imports this year will more than 30 million tons. Australia imports during the month to 1. 92 million tons of stabilising, year-on-year growth of 11. 55%, year-on-year increase of 33. 29%; Five months before Australian iron ore 9. 26 million tons, China's total imports rose 18. Has less than 07%, total guinea in second place. Malaysia imports 720000 tons of that month, year-on-year surge in 848. 15%, year-on-year increase of 19. A year high of 21%. Five months before China's total imports ore 2. 47 million tons, Malaysia fell 50. 3%. Ban, though not to cancel, is decreased significantly, but the market effects of major miners to maintain normal even incremental delivery. India bauxite imports up to 390000 tons, that month fell by 12. 62%, year-on-year increase of 19. 21%, the highest aluminum manufacturers for the same year; The first five months of China's total imports 1. 34 million tons of bauxite, India compared to the large reduction of 59. 78%. Now India bauxite supply is stable, but Indonesia bauxite to return to China in May, or will affect the market demand. Brazilian imports fell sharply during the month to 10. 80000 tons, compared with the reduction of 79. 15%; First five months of imports of Brazilian bauxite 116 in our country. 80000 tons, slightly higher compared to the 2. 37%. Since this year Brazil bauxite monthly receipts continued volatility and decline, said the market still has certain pressure, expected before local mining problem solving, Brazil bauxite and can fluctuate. Ghana bauxite imports during the month 4. 10000 tons, year-on-year growth of 3. 53%; Five months before the Ghana bauxite 42 total import in China. 30000 tons, the year-on-year growth of 5. 08%. In addition, in our country during the month also imported Montenegro, Solomon, countries such as Vietnam, aluminum manufacturers Jamaica bauxite, and bauxite in Jamaica, to enter the Chinese market for the first time. Aladdin ( ALD) According to nearly two years China's imports of bauxite market situation, the global supplier bauxite is divided into the following kinds: long-term and stable supplier: Australia, guinea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Ghana, etc; Short to medium term stable supplier: Solomon, Montenegro, Vietnam, Fiji, Indonesia, etc; Potential supplier: Guyana, Dominican republic, sierra leone, Jamaica, Laos, Madagascar, etc; Aladdin ( ALD) Think that, in reality it is not hard to see that our country imports of bauxite market has full flowering, aluminum manufacturers in addition to the traditional a steady supply of foreign countries, there have been new bauxite supplier, including the sierra leone last month and this month of Jamaica, believe that with China's development of foreign investment enterprise and global bauxite mining unceasing development, China's imports of bauxite in the future market prospect is bright.
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