Artificial disassemble copper aluminum tank will be gradually eliminated

by:AAG     2020-11-08

artificial disassemble the copper aluminum tank will be gradually eliminated as machine broken copper aluminum tank is more and more popular, artificial disassemble copper aluminum tank to be eliminated gradually. Since this year, subject to the workers, the serious influence and dismantling of copper aluminum tank speed, partial dismantling is shutdown. In order to ensure the normal operation, partial dismantling started using the machine broken copper aluminum tank. Reflect: according to the personage inside course of study with a machine broken copper aluminum tank, the workers is less, 7 - commonly Ten people can be normal operation. Operation mode is first used shearing machine cut into a piece of copper aluminum tank, after delivery into the crusher. This is due to the copper aluminum tank volume is larger, the crusher entrance is small, aluminum profile can only through the shearing machine to cut the copper aluminum tank into a small piece of a small piece, again into the crusher; Secondly, to break through the copper aluminum tank for manual sorting; Finally will be difficult to sort of copper and aluminum after shaking table, to separate copper and aluminum. With shearing machine cut piece of copper aluminum tank needs certain time, and crushing copper aluminum tank faster, dismantling field can only be cut into a piece of copper aluminum tank broken again. According to the broken part of copper aluminum tank apart reflect: when the supply source is abundant, can break a day on average 1 ark, use machine broken quite fast, but at the same time, copper, aluminum all have varying degrees of loss. Under normal circumstances, 1 copper loss. 5 - 2%; 2 - aluminum consumption 3%. Therefore, dismantling in broken copper aluminum tank field, generally choose goods quality is good, no oxidation of copper aluminum tank. As for the aluminum profile processing aspect: with broken copper aluminum tank processing fee is lower than workers dismantling processing fee more than half. For broken copper aluminum tank without being limited by the workers with machines, and broken faster, attracting more and more apart to join. According to incomplete statistics, at present, nearly two-thirds of dismantling field has switched to crusher; Less than a third dismantling field still is given priority to with artificial apart. The personage inside course of study widely expected: a period of time in the future, will be more and more artificial disassemble copper aluminum tank and dismantling field have been gradually eliminated.
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