Antirust aluminium alloy profile is mainly of Al Mn and Al Department of Mg alloy

by:AAG     2020-11-06

antirust aluminium alloy profile is mainly of Al Mn and Al Mg alloy antirust aluminium alloy profile: mainly Al - Mn and Al Department of Mg alloy. Because of its ageing strengthening effect is not obvious, so is unfavorable and heat treatment strengthening, but can improve the strength and hardness by work hardening. This kind of alloy main performance characteristic is medium strength, plasticity and good resistance to corrosion, so called antirust aluminium alloy profile, good weldability, welding structure is the most widely used in aluminum alloy. Aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy are collectively referred to as antirust aluminium alloy profile, because in the middle of the alloy elements have increased their anticorrosive performance, aluminum manganese alloy is 3003300, 4310, the first kind is widely used, the second kind of commonly used on the cans body, the latter is wire and other used above requirements higher, the conductivity of the aluminum magnesium alloy according to the content of magnesium alloy of high and low, in turn, is 5005 5252 5251 5050 5052 5754 5083 5056 5086, etc. , are used in some anticorrosion performance and strength requirements higher industry, such as shipbuilding, container trains and subway.
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