anodized aluminum labels - an important element for industry

by:AAG     2020-11-04
When it comes to labels that will be used outdoors, or labels that will be severely worn over time, anodized aluminum as one of the most resilient and durable substrates in the modern world, there must be a lot of votes behind it.
In fact, many industrial experts believe that alumina is the most durable substrate, with excellent wear-resistant, heat-resistant and sunlight-resistant factors in the work of protection effect.
But what exactly is alumina? How does it add value to today\'s labeling and labeling systems?
Anode alumina is a product of the electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.
Use aluminum as an anode to create a circuit, change the microscopic texture of the aluminum surface, and change the crystal structure of the metal closest to the metal surface.
Since most of the thick coatings applied to the material are usually porous, a sealing process is required to achieve corrosion resistance.
The surface of anodized aluminum becomes those
Corrosive, hard surface;
They become more difficult than ordinary aluminum, but also have lower to medium wear resistance, and wear resistance can be improved with the increase of thickness or the application of suitable sealing substances during processing.
Anode alumina \"film\" is generally stronger and more adhered to than most types of paint and metal platforms, allowing for longer periods of time
Live images or text due to the durability of the protective layer, but also more brittle.
This makes it unlikely that anodized aluminum will crack and peel off due to aging and wear, but it will also be easier to crack due to thermal stress over time.
Therefore, it is important to consider what kind of force the aluminum label surface will be subjected to after Anode Oxidation.
If this process is used to mark and plating requirements, extreme heat or sunlight is definitely the force that should be taken into account.
The anodized aluminum label can be used in many applications, not only with excellent durability, but also for industrial applications such as directional signage in facilities, large navigation labels, it looks very professional and attractive
Scale piping systems, as well as irrigation and sewage systems, as well as the mass production of famous cards and nameplates that require modern, permanent or aesthetic shapes brought about by metals, etc.
As long as stress is taken into account in the aluminum itself and in the process of Anode Oxidation, many of the great uses of this material and process are applicable, for many companies, retail stores, clothing companies, automotive parts, etc, the alumina label is very popular and \"traditional \".
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