Analytical tech and the trend of the development of aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-07

the analytical model steel and the trend of the development of aluminum plastic color and the trend of the development of aluminum extrusion technology & ndash; — New orientation of white plastic window has always been the mass-tone attune of the plastic extrusions, but after several years of development, color plastic aluminum has become a new hotspot of market consumption. Painted sculpture profiles aluminum profile color coating, color overall, double-color coextrusion several production methods and techniques, the former two methods is conditioned by the quality and cost, limited development, and double-color coextrusion method is the focus of the present study. This approach is to put the two different color the same or different kinds of material extrusion into a whole, formed the PM - MA- PVC coextrusion, ASA - PVC and PVC PVC coextrusion many methods, and market value for the enterprise. According to manufacturer, ASA material not only can resist degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation, aging, fade, high temperature and atmospheric oxidation and the process will not cause decomposition or discoloration, test results show that ASA anti-aging performance is 10 times more than ABS. Aluminum plastic composite & ndash; — Industry new trend at present, the plastic aluminum composite technology mature gradually, the plastic aluminum composite aluminum also get broad consumer acceptance. China's plastics extrusion is developed after the wood, steel, aluminum extrusions an emerging industry, because of its environmental protection, energy saving, and many other industrial advantage, abnormal development is rapid, but in its rapid development at the same time, its resistance to impact also gradually attention from the industry. So many manufacturers on the original products, combined with impact resistant materials such as aluminum, developed model steel profile products. After years of efforts, the technology has to mature period, lu: su aluminum products also come into the market. Aluminum profile that a composite technology is change the aluminum alloy surface treatment, coating treatment, the surface of aluminum alloy exposed to change the product of the cold feeling, increased the product corrosion resistance ability. Second, internal steel liner square tubes become mainstream, make such products stronger resistance to impact. Three are many enterprises in the Angle of combination part adopts the advanced welding technology, to better solve the problem of the Angle of combination of deformation. Energy saving technology & ndash; — Businesses to achieve at present, the new building energy efficiency has caused the government, the housing industry and design departments at all levels of attention, therefore, aluminum alloy profile is energy saving, energy saving quality has become the key problems of products can occupy the market. In order to seize market and increase the product selling points, each manufacturer is a large amount of manpower, to develop energy-saving aluminous profile. This leads to the emerging energy saving products. To flourish score type aluminum extrusions, already accounts for 90% of the total, and energy-saving aluminous profile matching hardware accessories, hollow glass processing equipment and the speed of sealing components, promote energy-saving aluminum production cost is reduced, the market sales increase. The acceleration of integral aluminum processing, a few years ago, foamed PVC extrusion processing is still a blank in our country, and now the domestic such products can have an extrusion molding, to realize localization production. Not only quickly occupied the domestic market and exported to more than 40 countries in the world. In a long time, in many manufacturer of energy saving of new style, the most outstanding energy-saving quality, a kind of after Japan JIS certification, Korea high efficiency and energy saving material of new products, the adoption of advanced energy-saving technologies, can save 60% of heating costs. Manufacturers also launched a three bo triple sealed insulation aluminum four cavity, its product in air tightness level I, water tightness level I, based on the technical index of the resistance to wind pressure level I, will also increase the heat transfer coefficient to K = 1. 66 w/m2k, make product heat preservation performance has reached the leading domestic level.
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