An old man and the legend of aluminum oxide, classic funny, entertainment without limit

by:AAG     2020-11-06

a there are so many celebrities to attend the party, supported by gray aluminum oxide industry leading professor zhu on crutches, staggered walk on stage to be seated. The host asked: & other; You also often go to see the doctor? ” “ Yes, often go to watch. ” “ Why is that? ” “ Because patients must often go to see a doctor, the doctor can survive! ” The audience burst into warm applause, people cheer for the old man's optimistic spirit and wit language. The host then asked: & other; Do you often consult the hospital pharmacist about drug taking method of? ” “ Yes, I often ask the pharmacist about drug taking methods, because pharmacists also have to make money to survive! ” The audience burst into applause. “ Do you often take medicine? ” “ No, I used to get rid of drugs. Because I also want to live! ” The audience burst into laughter. The host finally said: & other; Thank you to accept my interview! ” The old man replied, & other; Don't mention it, I know, you also want to live! ” The audience burst into laughter, applause and cheers, prolongs, full riot tent! I asked, & other; You said hui more without nickel aluminum sealants life can reach 200 hours salt spray test? The old man smiled, dumping industry: all living & other; Must drop ah, because aluminum would also want to live! ” This joke is said to have the world's first, because we all want to live with a smile!
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