aluminum signs vs plastic signs

by:AAG     2020-11-05
There are many options when selecting a substrate for your logo.
You can choose plastic, wood, acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic (Corroplast)
Foam board, etc.
The two most popular options for signage substrates are definitely aluminum and corrugated plastic.
These are two issues that I would like to compare and discuss in this article.
There is a big difference between corrugated plastic signage and aluminum signage.
First, one is made of plastic and the other is made of aluminum.
One is not necessarily better than the other.
They are just designed for different areas.
Let\'s take a closer look.
Let\'s first discuss the rigidity of these two symbols.
The aluminum logo is much more rigid than the corrugated plastic logo.
So when making a choice between the two, we have to keep that in mind.
On windy days, I will never install a corrugated plastic sign on the sign rack or mount it on the pole.
In the same weather conditions, it may tighten and blow away faster than the aluminum logo at the same booth.
Now let\'s take a look at the price of each signage material.
The aluminum logo is usually more expensive than the corrugated plastic logo.
Corrugated plastic logo will also be cheaper.
There is no doubt that the corrugated logo is an alternative to the budget logo.
When you need a logo that can be used outdoors, I would say that the corrugated logo is the cheapest option.
This saving will also continue when considering signage or installing hardware.
The bracket you buy for lightweight corrugated plastic is usually more affordable than the one you buy for the heavier aluminum logo.
If you are looking for a long-term solution, I have to say that aluminum will win the battle for longevity.
Not necessarily because the image falls off or fades, but because of the overall structure of the material.
The corrugated logo is more likely to fold, buckle and blow away.
The aluminum logo installed on the mass bracket may cost more, but it will last longer than the corrugated plastic logo.
Whether it\'s an aluminum logo or a corrugated plastic logo, the ease of installation is not a big problem.
The corrugated plastic logo is certainly easier to handle and install, however.
Now is also a good time to mention that corrugated plastic marks are unlikely to be damaged or scratched during transportation.
It is a lighter and more flexible product, so it is more tolerant when rubbing with other objects.
Except to be crushed or bent in half.
All of our logos are packed very well when needed, with corner protectors and air pillows to prevent this from happening.
I would definitely prefer to use corrugated plastic logo on the indoor ceiling.
It is lighter and safer than using an aluminum logo.
However, the aluminum logo will be more stable if there is wind.
Aluminum also tends to have more quality and a more professional look.
As you can see, both of these logo substrates are a reasonable choice for your logo project.
For small signage projects, I have to say that aluminum signage and corrugated signage are the two most popular substrate options.
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