Aluminum radiator surface treatment for the effects of heat dissipation performance

by:AAG     2020-11-10

in general, the purpose of the surface treatments of aluminum radiator is beautiful and protection effect, usually aluminum radiator are mostly made of silver, the instinctive quality that is aluminum, there are black and gold, etc. , in many colors, black for maximum thermal radiation, without any increase in additional such as fan, liquid natural circumstances, black than white heat dissipation efficiency about 5%, other gold is almost not helpful to the cooling performance, and sometimes increases the surface color after processing will also reduce the heat dissipation performance. If put the fan on the radiator, to strengthen the air flow and the effects of surface color can be ignored at this moment, the surface color of the biggest advantage is that can form a protection of radiator, and especially in some of the more extreme working conditions, the color of the surface treatment can greatly increase the service life of the radiator.
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