Aluminum profile carport popular with the market of the five reasons

by:AAG     2020-11-10

aluminum popular with the market of the five big reasons in recent years, with the prosperity of domestic automobile industry, the corresponding sheds its form a complete set of products into the development of the fast lane. Compared with plastic and other types of carport, aluminum alloy profile carport surface processing with electrostatic powder spraying process, and corrosion resistance. Roof materials imported polycarbonate plate, can absorb the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, have a very good protection effect on car. And to explore the reasons, which has attracted great concern of the market, has also benefited from the following five reasons. A, anti-aging carport main body structure are all made of high quality, high strength aluminum alloy profile materials refined but become, have permanent anti-aging ability, never rust, the surface of the special craft processing, greatly improving the service life of the carport reduced the decomposition from uv, experience is long cover is new, excellent weather resistance. Sealing strip is made of high quality aging resistant epdm sealing strip, each connection point and the place such as the sealing used the aging resistant ABS engineering plastics, all for 304 stainless steel screws, screw cover special rubber sleeve, beautiful and durable, carport which can effectively use more than 30 years. Two, insulation dust star your carport roof use raw materials imported raw materials, Germany by double co-extrusion technology added UV UV layer, which can effectively keep out more than 90% of the ultraviolet ray, can cut off heat effectively controlled in become unbearably hot temperature inside the car continue to rise, but also for your car shade industrial dust in the air leaves the bird droppings. All aluminum profiles of carport with polycarbonate plate structure, the main column heat galvanization steel tube, can load 48 cm of snow, can resist the 52 m/s wind, improve its ability to resist wind and snow. Three, automatic cleaning carport USES polycarbonate sheet contains light catalyst, and its use of natural light and the rain the ability of automatic cleaning dust, keep the top clean bright, rust scale, reduce due to acid rain wet automotive metal parts of the rust or scale caused by long-term monsoon rains. If the above gathering dust, the next rain shed immediately become fresh. Four, beautiful sex strong elaborate design and manufacture of aluminum alloy profile carport, compared with the traditional carport, with modern design concept, rational structure, unique, fashion and elegant, beautiful and easy, overall appearance beautiful. Aluminum frame and polycarbonate plate roof a variety of color to choose from, let the car and nature of tent apt, for your car to provide comfortable amenities. Five, no noise of aluminium alloy profiles carport USES the noise reduction of professional design, can prevent and have very good sound insulation effect. Especially the rain and snow weather, even in a nearby can be hard to hear big rain and snow. And corresponding waiting area for parking lot, aluminum profile is used for bike shed will be a good choice, can effectively reduce the noise effect on the people around you. With continuously research and development of aluminum profiles, consumer demand change, as you can imagine the future of aluminum alloy profiles carport will develop more advantages of performance, in order to meet the needs of the parking lot and the waiting area.
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