Aluminum processing enterprises implement 'coal to gas' is the trend of The Times

by:AAG     2020-11-11

for July and August central supervision of environmental protection requirements, some do not conform to the requirements of environmental protection aluminum prices need to be in the second half of the year to carry out the complete equipment upgrade, gongyi, henan region aluminum enterprises must be completed before November 3 & other Coal to gas & throughout; Equipment modification. After the central environmental protection group included gongyi city in henan province in aluminum processing, and make all the use of gas in gongyi aluminum prices need to be replaced with natural gas equipment, most of the aluminum processing enterprises have been discontinued for a period of time. Not just in gongyi aluminum companies affected by the environmental protection measures, in Inner Mongolia coal Mr Hong jun surrounding including the far east aluminum co. , LTD. , Inner Mongolia day aluminium co. , LTD. , five bar to recognize factory also has carried on the halt production in July, and Mr Hong jun plan new coal production of 50000 tons of electrolytic aluminium production capacity also temporarily suspended by environmental problems. In recent years, domestic environmental dynamics enlarges unceasingly, the punch of the pollution treatment, many enterprises suffered serious punishment, is one of the most typical representative, luoyang xiangjiang entrants aluminium co. , LTD. , a year and a half has been open for more than 9600 ten thousand yuan ticket, the amount of corporate profits in the last three years. In July, the first central environmental protection inspectorate respectively in Inner Mongolia, heilongjiang, jiangsu, jiangxi, henan, guangxi, yunnan, ningxia 8 provinces and autonomous regions, and in the local environmental protection supervision storm. Some environmental problems existing in the steel mills, mines and smelters to accept punishment rectification even dismantled. In view of the central environmental protection supervision, the national school of administration ecology civilization, director of the center for Zhang Xiaode said, because of the thinking inertia and local interests, some areas are not fully aware of the importance of environmental protection. The central environmental protection supervision & other; Punch & throughout; , on the one hand, is the regulation of specific environmental problems; On the other hand is a signal transmitted to the whole society, make people fully realize the environmental protection is the national economic development and social stability. In addition, since 2014, the aluminum industry town, foshan city, guangdong province has taken & other; Coal to gas & throughout; Methods such as aluminum industry for clean energy transformation, energy conservation and emissions reduction. This popular project since the implementation of effective, especially in foshan sanshui district, foshan city completed the aluminum industry to change job, get a piece of praise. The foshan city environmental protection bureau, said the aluminum industry to work will continue to push on, June 30, 2017, the city's all aluminum enterprises will carry out clean energy alternative. Implement & other; Coal to gas & throughout; Black chimney disappeared after plant and factory in bright and clean, no dust in the workshop, no smell, workers also often wear masks to remove for many years, once in coal-fired fused cast aluminum products processing enterprises, through & other; Coal to gas & throughout; Real engineering, aluminum processing industry into the era of coal. Has been rated the top 20 Chinese architectural aluminum enterprises first phoenix aluminum aluminum aluminum is specialized is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of large enterprises. In order to reach the environmental benefits of saving energy and reducing consumption, from the start of 2013, feng aluminum aluminum has launched the natural gas, and finished in May 2013 the factory used by electrophoresis curing oven, spraying curing furnace liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) instead of all gas. After completing gas pipeline laying work within the company, in 2014 began to existing smelting furnace, homogeneous furnace, aluminum rod furnace, aging furnace gas reform. Phoenix aluminum aluminum LuYanQing strategic planning department supervisor, according to the company in 2015 at the end of may complete change work, total investment of more than 6000 ten thousand yuan. LuYanQing said that although the use of natural gas, the company every tons of aluminum production to increase the cost of 10 yuan, implementation & other; Coal to gas & throughout; The early stage of the project investment is large, but in the long run, natural gas is worth it. Gas flame temperature can reach 1300 degrees, far higher than burning coal, coal is also more concentrated, greatly improve production efficiency. Keeps the same capacity, save the human, the cost of choose and employ persons also decreased accordingly. Using natural gas, the factory environment improved, avoids the harm to human body, & other; Coal to gas & throughout; After automation, the staff labor intensity is greatly reduced. Furnaceman is most feeling, it used to be a spade a spade to send coal into the furnace, often sweating, covered in ash, the end of the day quite a mess, and now everything has changed. Sanshui district, foshan city, it is reported that currently 33 aluminum companies have complete melting furnace and rod furnace burner to burn clean energy jobs. Among them, 28 companies to switch to natural gas, has achieved the plant shut down 1 family, 4 to switch to liquefied petroleum gas or light diesel, the district 343 sets of a total of 92 sets of melting furnace and rod furnace burning clean energy instead. Before June 30, 2017, the city within the scope of all aluminum enterprises to complete the clean energy transformation. Visible, driven by the environmental protection department, the current aluminum industry town of henan gongyi and guangdong foshan city have the aluminum processing enterprises have been & other; Coal to gas & throughout; A comprehensive upgrade, the future & other; Coal to gas & throughout; Is likely to be a nationwide, aluminum processing industry really take no coal era! ( Comprehensive report)
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