Aluminum prices is expected to continue strong

by:AAG     2020-11-08

prices are expected to continue strong since June, Shanghai aluminum and some leading & other; Aluminium stocks & throughout; Recorded significant gains, as this cycle, as the star of asset performance. Aluminum alloy trough analysts believe that the current for & other; Heating season & throughout; Environmental policies have momentum, and this is big probability has become an important subject, aluminum prices remain strong future aluminum investment concept is still have a chance. Since this year, prices are still rising space on the supply side of the reform and environmental policies under the common effect of domestic commodity prices were stronger, non-ferrous metals market as a whole. Among them, aluminum is particularly strong, in the year of 13100 yuan/ton rose to the current 16300 yuan/ton, Shanghai aluminum main contract by about 25%, a record during the highest price since 2012. Aluminum aluminum futures market in London during the same period performance is slightly worse than Shanghai. A stock market, the concept of aluminum bellwether chinalco set from & other; Loss of king & throughout; Ten times to profit growth, the share price doubled & other Investment myths & throughout; 。 Middle of April this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the ministry, the ministry of land and resources, environmental protection department jointly issued by the project of electrolytic aluminium industry violation of special rectification action plan, to further standardize the order of investment, efforts to strict controls of new capacity; In addition, the national environmental protection bureau introduced the beijing-tianjin-hebei in and around 2017 work plan for the control of air pollution also affects the aluminium market. Aluminum alloy wire slot antaike forecast that the second half of 2017 China's electrolytic aluminium production growth will accelerate. In December China's electrolytic aluminum production is expected to reach 2. 83 million tons, back to the beginning of 2016 level; Increase the total output of electrolytic aluminium is expected to be 36. 4 million tons, 11. 5%. Monthly supply and demand at the same time, the domestic market of electrolytic aluminium will begin from the fourth quarter of significant shortage, but still expects full-year market excess of 830000 tons. “ Read policy is still the biggest market, price may rise further space. ” Antaike analysts said the benefit from the reform of the supply side, year-to-date aluminium producer profits significantly improved, some aluminium smelting producers profit at the best period in recent years. Abroad, however, the profit driven change, the electrolytic aluminium production steadily climbing. Antaike analysts say, in addition to the United States, aluminium alloy wire slot nationwitha shrinking output of electrolytic aluminum high cost countries such as Australia, the rest of electrolytic aluminium production was in the same period have different degree of rebound. At the same time, some elder closure of electrolytic aluminum production capacity is also mulling to resume production, and the new aluminium projects in gradually speed up the construction progress.
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