Aluminum powder using security matters

by:AAG     2020-11-08
10% and the use of small particle size and without coated with aluminium powder, the lowest combustion energy may be reduced. Powder coating that contains aluminium powder, they are just like ordinary powder coatings containing pigment, as long as you don't exceed the prescribed limits, there is no fire and explosion danger. In order to guarantee the safety of the whole process of spraying, must be avoided in the factory of aluminium powder separation, accumulated and concentrated. These basic requirements can also be applied to aluminum producers solvent-based coating containing copper powders. But directly caused by copper zinc alloy powder explosion danger to smaller than aluminum powder. The powder equipment most need is all of the components and operating personnel must have a good grounding. Indoor dust concentration should be controlled in the lowest level, according to the provisions of the local place USES the exhaust system. In any case, want to avoid open flames, the surface of Mars and overheating.
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