aluminum pipe bed: 10 steps (with pictures)

by:AAG     2020-11-05
This project provides a guide for those who wish to build their own bed rack with plumbing and modular fittings.
The start section is information about different methods, preparations, and resources needed.
The following sections are references for do-it-yourselfer (DIY)
And provide steps-by-Step direction.
The main motivation for me to do this project is to build a modern Queen.
The size canopy bed frame, made of aluminum tubes and galvanized metal fittings, can accommodate standard mattresses and box springs.
Many years ago, I saw a similar bed frame for a well in a magazine advertisement.
Famous fashion designer
Unfortunately, their version cost nearly $6,000!
We have been using this bed for about 7 years.
The tube is comfortable and strong. :)
We also think it is fashionable.
While the project is easy to assemble, the components are essentially industrial.
Make sure your bedroom has enough ceiling clearance for the assembled canopy frame.
You will also need a truck or a large van to transport longer pipes.
The only tool you really need is 5/16 of the standard \"(7. 94mm)A. F. hex key.
This assumes that you have your pipe supplier cut the length of the pipe for you and you have outsourced a small amount of welding.
Most people don\'t have welding kits that work with aluminum.
Note: This project is not a cheap project that most people call it.
Parts alone will cost about $800.
Still far from the nearly $6,000 designer version.
I chose to use the galvanized Klamp galvanized metal fittings.
They are available from Grainger.
If I do it again, I will use the aluminum fittings that you can get by simplifying the building concept.
They were not available when I first built this.
The Galvanized works fine, but the aluminum can save some weight while it is beautiful.
| Description | quantity | 5A488 | 61-
7 | flange, base | 4 | 5A476 | 20-
7 | side outlet | 4 | 5A470 | 10-
7 | tee, single socket | 14 | 5A478 | 21-
7 | tee, side socket | 4 | clamp total: 1 for 26I.
25 inch schedule 40 aluminum tubes.
| Length inches | quantity | 62 \"| month | 79\" | month | 87 \"| month | length 228 cm\", 19 pieces
I allow the insertion of 1 \"pipe in the fittings of the hex screw.
This mattress and spring are very comfortable when assembling.
And I used two pieces of aluminum. They were 1.
25 \"wide, cut to 57. 75\".
I purchased my pipe and angle aluminum from a metal supply company.
They cut the tube to a certain length for me.
Please note that this pipe is industrial material.
So it has some flaws.
I like its industrial look very much.
Note: pipes and tubes are not the same thing.
The tube is usually thin. walled.
Schedule 40 pipes exceed OSHA and BOCA standards and are heavy
Sufficient for the duties of scaffolding.
While I can support the box spring with more cross support, I want to give the bed a \"floating\" look.
So I welded the aluminum tip bracket to the two parts below.
This means that only one central support pipe is needed.
Special welding kit is required for aluminum.
I don\'t have the equipment and skills, so I brought the pipe and aluminum pointed brackets to the professionals.
Most of the silencers stores should be able to do this for a small fee.
Note: Angle aluminum is welded only to one pipe at each end to help support the box spring.
It is not attached to the side tube or fittings.
You need the flat part of the angle to be consistent with the top of the pipe.
It looks like this when sitting on the floor welding.
_ | OI choose to clear the coating of all aluminum parts (
Tube and corner parts). I used Prep-
Sol cleans the surface before using the Krylon transparent coating in the spray tank and gives three applications.
Nice and clean finish to keep the industrial look of aluminum.
I did this to prevent Aluminum oxidation (
Left the powder-like residue)
And any possible reaction between two similar metals (
Aluminum pipe and galvanized steel parts).
You can skip this step if you use annotated aluminum, or coat the assembly powder.
With the connection of the headboard and the pedal connector, you can use the 67 \"pipe to connect the corresponding post to its mirror version sister post to assemble each end.
Once the headboard and pedal are assembled and each piece stands up, you should be able to see how the six 79 \"tubes connect the two ends together.
Note: Do not forget to install a T-piece on two bottom parts to form a center support.
Once everything is assembled and you have confirmed that your mattress and box springs are installed within the frame, it is time to tighten everything.
Use your hex key to lock the pipe firmly in place.
The manufacturer of Kee Klamp recommends that you tighten the fixing screws to 29 lbs. /ft.
Or torque of 39 nm.
This is about \"hands-tight.
\"You have created a solid rigid bed frame that can support thousands of pounds!
The completed frame shall measure 67 \"W x 82\" D x 90 \"H.
I realized there were other \"tube beds\" outside for sale and DIY \".
This one is a little more detailed than the others I have seen.
I built this many years ago.
The site didn\'t even exist at the time, but I thought I would share it.
It was very useful for us and went through multiple moves with ease.
This is the only version of the canopy I have ever seen.
Feel free to post your questions, comments and comments (
Constructive or otherwise).
If you decide to build your own pipe bed in these directions, please leave me a message.
I may provide a version that does not require any welding and/or non-welding if there is enough interestcanopy design. Enjoy!
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