Aluminum parts black end cover, semicircle end cover

by:AAG     2020-11-14
Purpose: cover the frame profile exposed LIDS, beautiful and easy, each end cover models have many size, main is to install the column diameter and thickness, surface texture, the number of installed column.
material: plastic, nylon
our company is one specialized is engaged in the design, development, sales of industrial aluminum profile; Form a complete set of fittings; Products include: industrial aluminum accessories, industrial aluminum profile, aluminum, aluminum alloy, T bolt, round head bolts, the built-in fittings, elastic fasteners, elastic half-round pieces, ling type nut block, industrial aluminum profile, flange nuts, Angle of groove fittings, horn, u-shaped adornment, castor, foot hoof, flat, rectangular connectors, triangle fittings, steering Angle, baffle plate is fixed, the hinges
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