Aluminum mold implementation guide - — Aluminum template design

by:AAG     2020-11-08

aluminum mold implementation guide & ndash; — Aluminum template design 1, 1) template design According to the project structure, construction, electrical and mechanical drawings, such as BIM model is set up, and draw a template of each part of the construction plan and section drawings; 2) According to the template layout, finished product, with board drawing template layout drawings and support system. 3) According to the structure form and construction conditions template load is determined, according to the template under the most unfavorable combination of template of the load and supporting system for checking. 4) Establishment of the specifications of the template and accessories, variety and quantity list. 2, 1) plate mode Wall design base board + adjustment plate + C; 2) Roof design, design according to x ≯ 1200 support spacing in aluminum template design, should be used as much as possible base plate, improve the base plate velocity. 3, aluminum template base plate number 4, 1) aluminum template node design The template surface treatment (2) Positioning card column wall aluminum Angle or Angle, along the wall column line at the end of wall column, through the steel nail fixed on the concrete floor. 3) The column wall bottom mouth closed 4) Masonry walls and masonry wall joint design generally USES plaster wall (free Such as sand autoclaved aerated block, etc. ) ; When using common block, aluminum formwork construction shear wall can be taken in the wall from lien groove forms, 5 mm deep grooves. ( Can use special material or tongued and grooved, special profile Settings: set up 70 series and 65 series templates template mutual connection, the 70 series template hole distance panel 45 mm) 。
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