Aluminum manufacturers selling hot style 4040 aluminum industrial aluminum machine frame equipment dedicated electrophoresis

by:AAG     2020-11-12
City industrial equipment co. , LTD. , co. , LTD is a professional engaged in all kinds of industrial aluminium profile, special shape aluminum production and processing, sales and transportation is a body comprehensive enterprise. With efficiency increasing, the company continues to grow, has become outstanding in the same industry, in southern China also has a certain visibility. Company is located in the city, baoan district shajing step chung J on the second floor of the building with rich industrial zone in the city group, mainly engaged in industrial aluminum, oubiao aluminum. Purify the aluminum, assembly line aluminum, wave soldering. Reflow soldering aluminum, plug-in line. Feeder machine aluminum and so on. Began in 2004 with the absolute price advantage, we through the company leadership and all staff's hard work, hard work has been formed with two large warehouses, as well as modern sales foreground of formal type units, customers in major cities throughout the country.
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