Aluminum manufacturers in Asia the most wide industrial aluminum sheet fill the blank of the domestic high-end aluminum belt

by:AAG     2020-11-10

aluminum manufacturers in Asia the most wide industrial aluminum sheet fill the blank of the domestic high-end aluminum belt recently, China zhongwang tianjin warmwalzwerk successfully rolling out wide to large 4300 mm specifications of industrial aluminum sheet, this is by far China and Asia produces the most wide industrial aluminum sheet, domestic high-end industrial aluminum sheet production capacity of record. At present, the domestic advanced aluminum products processing productivity is insufficient, aerospace grade aluminum plate, car body and other high-end aluminum plate with aluminum belt belt products mostly rely on imports, China zhongwang is the target market and layout of the aluminium rolling project ahead of time. According to a report of the Boston consulting group, global aluminum rolling material consumption is expected to about 19 million tons in 2011, increased to about 32 million tons in 2020; The growth of the Chinese market is more higher than the global average, about 7. 6 million tons in 2011, up to about 16 million tons in 2020, accounts for half of global consumption, will become the world industry development of the main driving force. It is understood that in order to preempt the high-end aluminum processing market, since 2011, zhong wang in the original industrial aluminum extrusion business on the basis of implementing the rolling material development plans of the business, from the United States, Germany and other countries the introduction of the world's most advanced aluminum rolling material production equipment, and intensify recruitment aluminum processing industry from overseas research and development and technical personnel, to quicken the steps of aluminium rolling material technical reserves and development. Zhong wang tianjin high value-added aluminum rolling material project, according to the capacity of design, is the world's largest single aluminum rolling material project. This project the first YiQi annual design production capacity of 1. 8 million tons, including two production lines, the first production line of the main production of aluminum alloy plate, including aerospace, Marine, commercial vehicles, special vehicles and rail vehicles in areas such as the use of plate and chemical container transportation with plate, etc. , is expected to make up for the domestic high-end aluminum processing after the production of aluminum alloy plate blank of the market. According to zhong wang in 2016 in the first quarter earnings, industrial aluminum company the first production line of aluminum rolling material project has entered into trial production. At present, the production line are small batch production samples, and internal quality inspection to the potential customers. Production of each link is formally put into production before the end of the adjustment and optimization, the r&d team has also launched the product certification and the industry.
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