Aluminum manufacturer APS analysis for you: good performance and characteristics of aluminum | | aluminum characteristics of aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-09

aluminum performance advantage 1 aluminum to compare other commonly used metal density is small, light quality, density is only 2. 70 g/cm3, is the 1/3 of bronze or iron, in use process without considering the need of the weight bearing. 2 aluminium in the process of production using both the hot and cold processing, have very strong corrosion resistance. 3 aluminum can has the very good ductility, can make light alloy with a lot of metal elements, the material quality. 4 relative to the other metal materials, aluminum type to plasticity, good productive, for production has a good advantage. 5 aluminum has good casting properties, aluminum can be processed into different shapes. 6 surface processing performance is good, colour and lustre is gorgeous appearance. 7 chemical performance is stable, no magnetic, can be repeated recycling, is a virtuous cycle of metal materials. 8 elasticity coefficient is small, can't afford to friction collision sparks, best in automotive technology. 9 have good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, performed very well in short distance transmission. 10 aluminium profile relative to the other metal material, its no metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile surface oxide layer. Read on: industrial aluminum APS - 8 - Industrial aluminum APS - 4040 x 8 - Industrial aluminum APS - 4060 8 - Industrial aluminum APS - 4080 8 - 4080L
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