aluminum ladder racks

by:AAG     2020-11-05
There are several benefits to the aluminum ladder frame.
They are the third part of the steel weight and do not bring extra weight to the vehicle.
Besides, they are rust
Freedom, relatively long life.
Here are many high-
There are high-quality aluminum ladders on the market today.
Sprinter van shelves can accommodate up to 500 pounds of wood, ladders, pipes, etc.
The structure of this heavy duty aluminum ladder frame is a square cross bracket of 1/2 and is set to 2 square columns.
Moreover, their maintenance is not too difficult.
Install the base fixture to fix the column on the drip track and do not drill holes on the vehicle. The extra-
The wide base on the fixture provides the best support and stability.
In addition, it distributes the load evenly.
The Sprinter van has a ladder station which helps to hold the ladder in place.
Better choose two-cross or 3-
Cross-support model.
The ladder holder is equipped with a powder coated finish and has a good appearance of safety and firmness and long lasting. Heavy-
Working aluminum and steel ladder racks with aluminum or steel cross brackets.
The bracket is 1/8 \"\" Wall transparent anode alumina and can also be painted.
Steel cross bracket 14-
Rail steel protected by solid, high gloss and electronic auxiliary powder coated finish, followed by fusion with heat.
This helps prevent corrosion, rust and debris.
Aluminum cross-
The support ladder frame can withstand up to 750 pounds of the load, and the steel cross support ladder frame can withstand up to 850 of the load.
The load is evenly distributed on the ladder frame.
The column is clipped to the drip track with a drip line clamp assembly.
This has a stainless steel hanging ring bolt that can be used to secure the tie
Ups and downs on the shelf.
This is a drill.
The free method can easily remove the ladder rack or transfer it to another car if needed.
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