Aluminum, industrial aluminum mechanical shield aluminum chassis frame slider

by:AAG     2020-11-13
Professional processing aluminum frame, production assembly line, the workbench, such as machinery, electronic equipment enclosure equipment coat; Supply all kinds of aluminum and various aluminum parts ( Aluminum Angle code, aluminum plate, aluminum decoration article, built-in fittings, all kinds of screw nut, etc. ) 。 1. Applied range: apply to all kinds of machinery, equipment, electronic products, such as architecture. 2. Construction is convenient, with modularization and multi-functional, without complex design and processing, can quickly build framework ideal mechanical equipment. 3. Beautiful and practical, light weight and high stiffness, appearance is concise and beautiful. 4. Scalability: unique T, groove design, equipped with components, without having to dismantle profiles, can be installed in any position nut screw, simple and easy to modified equipment.
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