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by:AAG     2020-11-15
Company specializing in the production of aluminum, including industrial aluminum profile, aluminum accessories, aluminum alloy workbench, aluminum fittings, aluminum, 4040 line aluminum, aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum reveal frame, aluminum bracket, mechanical equipment automation complete aluminum and aluminum accessories; Aluminum series: 15 aluminum series, aluminum series 2020, 2040 aluminum series, 3030 series of aluminum, aluminum 3060 series, 3090 series of aluminum, aluminum 4040 series, 4080 series of aluminum, aluminum 4545 series, 4590 series of aluminum, aluminum 5050 series, 50100 series of aluminum, aluminum 6060 series, 8080 series of aluminum, aluminum series, 9090 gb trough type aluminum, oubiao trough type aluminum. And aluminum accessories, T bolt, T nuts, square nuts, ling type nut, elastic nut, round head bolts, special bolts, the built-in fittings, activities, elastic fasteners, flat sealing groove, u-shaped slot, slider, shake handshandle, castor, foot hoof, cover plate, Angle, powerful Angle, steering Angle, groove fittings, Angle of groove fittings, right Angle connectors, three-dimensional fittings, Angle fitting, hinge, industrial aluminum accessories hinge, metal hinge, baffle plate is fixed, hinge, anchor, etc. And design and production line of industrial aluminum, aluminum, aluminum alloy, equipment frame, machine housings, workbench, logistics equipment, protective barrier, Anti-static) Organic glass, anti-static clothing, such as industrial aluminum alloy frame, storage equipment frame, aluminum frame, esd workstation, workbench, aluminum alloy aluminum frames, industrial aluminum cases, machinery supporting framework, mechanical shield, aluminum frame, production line, display rack, exhibition shelves, shelves, shield, mechanical shield, aluminum frame, aluminum industrial assembly line, aluminum exhibition frame, frame of industrial aluminum, industrial aluminum display shelf.
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