Aluminum in the rocket, D, spacecraft on the development and application of | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

aluminum on the rockets and spacecraft mainly used in the manufacture of fuel tank, fuel tank. In the early space development, the United States with 2014 alloy. Later, due to the automatic welding technology development and mature, to switch to 2219 alloy. From the point of stress corrosion cracking performance, 2219 alloy alloy is superior than in 2014. The thor and Saturn - the United States No. 2 rocket's fuel tank is made of 2219 alloy. 2219 alloy is not only a kind of heat resistant alloy extrusions, its low temperature performance ( Including the toughness of the welding head) Followed up and lower temperature. Therefore, made of 2219 alloy liquid oxygen and liquid oxygen vessel, according to the room temperature strength standard detection principle, can guarantee the reliability of liquid hydrogen temperature. Can be welded reinforced aluminum alloy A1 - heat treatment The department of Cu alloy, there's the A1 - Zn- Department of Mg alloy. The European Community Aryan rocket's fuel tank with A1 - Zn- The department of Mg alloy. The H - Type 1 rocket most of the material is aluminum. In addition to the fuel and fuel box, rockets and other structure of the space shuttle, like the plane, mostly with 2024 and 7075 alloy, also can be used 2219 alloy. The U. S. space shuttle astronaut cabin made of aluminum. The framework of manned spacecraft and joysticks most major parts are made of high strength aluminum alloy 7075 - T73 bar cutting, made of light and thin, and has high intensity. Other parts, such as bracket, pressure plate folding device, protective plate, door and pedal, two propeller nitrogen cylinder with good formability of large medium strength, such as alloy 6061 - The T6 alloy.
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