Aluminum hardware fittings and profile function relationship

by:AAG     2020-11-06

aluminum aluminum profile function relationship between hardware accessories hardware accessories and profile is an important part of its performance and quality has important influence on profile function. Due to the continuous development of modern technology, material hardware accessories ( Handle, handrail, friction hinge, slide rail, fittings, etc. ) , are increasingly flooding the market. Modern building material according to the material variety can be roughly divided into: plastic, composite materials window, aluminium alloy window, aluminium alloy window of is now the main building material products in China, a considerable proportion in today's buildings. In fact no matter from the wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness resistance or from the aspects of environmental protection, aluminium alloy window has its superiority. Due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy under natural conditions extremely easy passivation, hardware choosing general metal materials, the structure of aluminium alloy profile is the combination of the tiny anode. To adopt new technology, new technology, new material is the only way to improve the corrosion resistance profile hardware fittings. Hardware manufacturers abroad by physical vapor phase deposition ( Hereinafter referred to as PVD, also known as vacuum plating) Produce the appearance and corrosion excellent hardware accessories. Vacuum coating has strong adhesion, coating is not easy to fall off; Diffraction and uniform coating thickness; Coating density, less pinhole bubble; Before plating processing, simple process; Materials province, pollution-free, etc. Can be in metal or non-metal surface elemental, alloy plating system or compounds. Was widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronic and optical industries in the preparation of various special properties of the coating. With the constant improvement of vacuum plating equipment, large-scale and continuous, the development of coating technology and coating, can obtain excellent adhesion, high resistance to wear, high brightness of decorative coatings. Abroad in holding hands, some accessories, such as hinge surface, use the vacuum plating, and the outer surface of the excellent comprehensive performance, makes a hand, hinge etc. These single functional parts become double the performance of the use function and decorative accessories.
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