Aluminum: global aluminum supply will be tight, prices will rebound | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

on April 24, the world's second largest aluminium producer Russia aluminum ( Rusal) Chief executive, yuri soloviev told reporters that that it said global aluminum demand will remain strong, this year our country outside the country of supply will continue to tighten, for aluminum prices since the lows created the conditions for nearly seven years. China's aluminium exports will slow this year, due to the relatively narrow domestic market premium in overseas markets. Yuri soloviev told reporters that that it said & other; The Russian aluminium global aluminum consumption this year is expected to increase by 5. By 7% to 59. 5 million tons. China's consumption growth is strong, is expected to increase 7% year-on-year to 31 million tons. ” Yuri soloviev told reporters that that it is expected that equipment, such as automobile and aviation transportation industry is still the leading demand power, followed by the construction industry, electronic industry, durable goods and packaging industry. From the supply side, China's net increase production capacity, will outweigh the influence of the refinery shut down other areas. Yuri soloviev told reporters that that it said & other; We expect in the next five years our country outside countries do not have a lot of new capacity, supply is expected to increase sharply this year, could be more than 2. 4 million tons. ” Russian aluminum thinks, if the current downturn in prices continue, outside the country's capacity in China will have 1 million tonnes will idle down. In our country, aluminum production capacity is expected to increase more than double this year to 1. 5 million tons, mainly because of the limit production levels and new refinery production. Yuri soloviev told reporters that that it says, if the price is lower than 12000 yuan per ton, 50% spare capacity is unprofitable, and therefore will not restart. He said, despite the rise in domestic prices in China, but the raw material of bauxite and semi-finished products of alumina prices will inhibit spare capacity to restart. Supply chain inventory restocking and slowing growth signs of stabilisation, aluminum prices jumped more than 10% over the past months, to $1635 a tonne, for a six-month high, but still far distance seven year low. Last year, according to the analysis of data, China's aluminium production increased 10. 3%, less than 12, 2014. 8% increase, and for a slowdown in the fourth year in a row. Shanghai than di industrial aluminum accessories co. , LTD. , was founded in 2004, the first European advanced industrial aluminum system technology is introduced into China, through technical innovation and production practice, founded the domestic industry's first APS brands with proprietary intellectual property rights, and formulated a series of industrial aluminum industry standards and related accessories. At present, the APS brand has developed into a domestic factory production line and leader in the field of industrial automation. We will provide & other; The user is supreme, customized & throughout; Service tenet, & other; Quality, service and customer satisfaction & throughout; As the service standards, & other; Technology innovation and product development & throughout; As the core competitiveness. Products from the mold design development to production, from product processed to surface treatment, from simple systematic manufacturing aluminum frame processing to automatic assembly line device, we at once and are proud of industry leading companies to provide products and services for! APS series product variety, the APS quality oubiao industrial aluminum and flexible and convenient for fitting, in mechanical manufacturing, factory equipment, industrial production line, factory automation and automated production equipment, and other fields, to bring our customers such as: exhibition frame structure, equipment, machinery casings, machine frame protection device, protective barrier, safety fence, industrial assembly line, products work station, etc. High quality products and related services, design and manufacture a series of industrial production equipment, realize the industrial equipment and efficient, flexible, material simplification. We constantly improve technology space, make it more reliable, more flexible, continuously provide customers with more quality products and comprehensive services.
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