Aluminum fittings for two profiles right Angle connection, when installation will respectively inserted into the profile slot pit, its terminals will fasten the set screw, according to the type

by:AAG     2020-11-16
Aluminum fittings, Angle of groove fittings material: aluminum alloy, USES: used for right Angle connection, two profile, when installed on both ends of its respectively inserted into the profile slot pit, will fasten the set screw, according to the profile of the groove width and connection way please choose different Angle groove fittings. Aluminum fittings are metal materials, commonly used in industrial production in modern society that we should be how to choose the aluminum fitting in the production of the model specifications? And how can make good aluminum fittings installed correctly? Aluminum fitting because of his main function is to connect a profile, therefore the choice of model is based on model to form a complete set of industrial aluminum. For example: a wide line 1. 5 meters, 6 meters long, 1 meter high, the above want to weight 200 kg, then generally suggest choose 40 series slightly thicker industrial aluminium profile, aluminum fittings is also relatively than 40 more thicker. When we want to make aluminum a workbench or industrial aluminum frame, the first is to according to the required size, length, width and height of cutting out respectively. Then, install the mutual combination, aluminum connecting common accessories include: aluminum fittings, screw nut, etc. We know that the slotted aluminum all directions is mainly used for splicing installation. Take 30 * 30 specifications of aluminum, its matching Angle is 30 * 30 aluminum fittings, we first put the M6 * 16 screw and M6 nut screw on aluminum fittings on both sides of the long hole, don't tighten, then put the nut into 30 * 30 aluminum box, with a hexagonal wrench tight, on the other side is also such operation, can connect the two aluminum. This method is simple and convenient, easy to tear open come down to, don't trouble like steel, welding, painting, etc
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