Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

by:AAG     2020-09-05

Impurities and defects on the surface of the billet affect the surface of the extrusion. These defects damage the piece if it needs to be anodized or the aesthetics are important.

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Magnesium and aluminium alloys usually have a 0.75 μm (30 μin) RMS or better floor finish. A billet remnant or a plug of a tougher material must be left on the finish of the extrusion to prevent a sudden launch of the extrusion fluid. The billets should be ready by tapering one end to match the die entry angle.

The aluminum billet is then transferred to a loader, the place a lubricant is added to stop it from sticking to the extrusion machine, the ram or the deal with. Enjoy full entry to the digital version of STAMPING Journal, which serves the metal stamping market with the newest technology advancements, finest practices, and business news.

Usually the whole billet needs to be machined to take away any floor defects. This course of isn't as versatile as direct extrusions as a result of the cross-sectional area is limited by the utmost size of the stem.

With this process, in conjunction with glass lubrication, metal can be cold extruded. The phosphate coat absorbs the liquid glass to supply even higher lubricating properties.

In order to get round this the billets may be wire brushed, machined or chemically cleaned before being used. If the die is held stationary and the ram moves towards it then it is known as 'direct extrusion'. If the ram is held stationary and the die strikes in direction of the ram it's known as 'oblique extrusion'. The extrusion ratio is defined as the starting cross-sectional space divided by the cross-sectional space of the ultimate extrusion. One of the main benefits of the extrusion process is that this ratio may be very large whereas nonetheless producing quality components.
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