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by:AAG     2020-11-09

closing two sessions, the Chinese economy into & other; The new normal & throughout; Mode, become a core topic in two sessions. Premier li keqiang's 'government work report', fully estimate the difficulty of future economic growth, in the 2016 GDP growth target at 6. 5% ~ 7%. And the last 2015 years, China's GDP growth is 6. 9%, the slowest in 25 years. President xi jinping has also said that the current difficulties and world economic recovery, China's economy faces downward pressure. To solve these problems, the key point is to adhere to innovation driven development, to develop the new realm. , focusing on India and southeast Asia market, explore the new pattern of economy in 2016 is & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Planning the start of the implementation of, also be & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; The year of the construction of practical experience. To the outside world, let the Chinese enterprise has a new development direction. As & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Along the country and southeast Asia market has become the first choice for Chinese enterprises to find new markets. The largest country in the southeast Asia market - India, in recent years the economic development, especially in the aspect of aluminum consumption: the Indian aluminum consumption of 3. 5 million tons per year, by more than 10% of the growth is rapid growth in recent years. The aluminum imports up to 156 in 2014. 300000 tons, accounting for aluminum consumption proportion about 56%; In 2015, according to the Ministry of Commerce and business data statistics, as of late November 8 months, India's aluminum imports increased by 4. 5% to 1. 13 million tons, mainly from China and the gulf countries. In China, the aluminum exports in 2015 to 419. 520000 tons, year-on-year growth of 14. 34%, of which more than 1 million tons of aluminum exports to India. In addition to aluminum demand in growth, demand for aluminum processing equipment in the India also increased year by year. Indian aluminum show relevant staff also said, as the Indian manufacturers to expanding the production capacity, the addition of new enterprises and the current market's growing demand for high quality products, Indian aluminum industry is more and more new technology and new equipment to improve production quality. Visible, India's large aluminum consumer market demand, this also for the Chinese aluminum and aluminum processing equipment production and processing, technology enterprise provides more opportunities for development. Concern is that although every year there are a lot of aluminum and processing equipment exported to India, but there are still some aluminum enterprises faced with the shackles of enterprise development, the lack of opportunities abroad; The lack of communication platform with potential clients; Lack of understanding of the import and export of national policies and regulations and so on. How to Chinese aluminum enterprises solve this problem, still need professional platform to introduce more external resources, to promote China's aluminium enterprises and the continuous development of aluminum industry in China. Parsing the Indian market, paving the way for Chinese enterprises to enter the Indian bridge as the biggest domestic aluminum industry platform economies, China international aluminum industry exhibition ( Hereinafter referred to as: aluminum exhibition) For the Chinese aluminum enterprises innovation a new possibility. In the upcoming 2016 exhibition will be the guest countries - hand in hand - India, and the joint exhibition invited Indian aluminium association relevant experts, government officials and industry elite, and India during the show host guest the BBS meeting. At that time, will be from home and abroad as well as the Chinese exhibitors and spectators analyzes the opportunities and challenges of the Indian aluminum industry market laws and regulations on the import and export of India. “ We hope that by aluminum and India show the depth of cooperation, can want to go abroad, and interested in India market of Chinese enterprises to build an understanding of India, and India expert face-to-face communication platform, the audience, let Chinese exhibitors can through the BBS understand Indian demand for aluminum industry, import and export policy, develop the India market to get ready for your & throughout; 。 Aluminum, director of the exhibition said: & other; Our exhibition for exhibitors and spectators to provide not only show with purchasing platform, we hope that through some innovation, and multi-party cooperation, as China's aluminum industry to make a contribution to the development of economy & throughout; 。 “ In addition to BBS, we also organize experts, the audience and exhibitors from India to China to visit factory, hope to visit the demand of such activities through the channel, for one, can show India the strength of China aluminum industry production and processing enterprises; Second, also hope to be able to attract some potential buyers in India. ” Aluminum, head of the exhibition also said, let the Chinese exhibitors and Indian experts zero distance of communication, is the first step to let the Chinese aluminum enterprises go abroad. In the future, will also cooperate with more southeast Asian countries, for the Chinese aluminum enterprises to provide a more broad development space and communication platform. There is demand will have market, aluminum sif forum for China's enterprises created a path to India market access, also provides professional consulting platform to exhibitors. Has held the 11th aluminum exhibition, will be in July 12 ~ 14, 2016 in Shanghai new international exhibition center held the 12th. Hope that in the two countries together hand in hand, for China's aluminum industry development of the economy to create more likely. Industrial aluminium profile manufacturer Shanghai biti popular interpretation of the latest industry information for you, for more information please focus on Shanghai aluminum manufacturer: http://www. aps。 com. cn/gyaps。 超文本标记语言
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