aluminum direct electric heat melting furnace.

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Due to the low resistivity of aluminum, traditional induction furnaces have never been a very effective choice for melting metals.
In addition, the melting temperature of aluminum is low (
Half of black material)
The gas stove has become a reasonable energy choice.
With this in mind, Inductotherm of Rancocas, New Jersey has developed the Acutrak direct electric heating furnace, which melts aluminum and other non-ferrous metals efficiently, quickly and cleanly.
In this furnace design, electrical energy is directly applied to a furnace with molten metal, thus eliminating the need for fragile wires and fuel burners.
In addition to the crucible filled with molten aluminum, all components remain cool in the furnace.
Low furnace damage makes the water cooling of the induction coil unnecessary, and the metal melts quickly at a minimum cost.
Together with a special air-cooled power converter, the furnace delivers more than 92% of the electricity to the metal.
Force the air flow to keep the furnace cool.
During the melting process, the stirring of aluminum is minimal.
Clean electricity ensures the purity of the metal at high temperatures.
High power density (150 kW/ton)
Fast melting is guaranteed.
The thermal inertia of the thermal insulation chamber is low.
In order to ensure the melting efficiency, the automatic control system of the furnace raises the temperature to the set point with a minimum overadjustment.
The power supply is then automatically cut off to 5% to keep the metal hot, thus reducing the cost of maintaining energy.
Other advantages of the furnace include lower metal loss, alloy flexibility, cleaner metal, and lower maintenance costs.
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