aluminum casting market worth $86.5 billion by 2025 | cagr: 9.1% grand view research, inc.

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$86 aluminum casting market.
5 billion by 2025 | CAGR: 9.
1% Daguan Research Co. , Ltd.
San Francisco, May 15, 2019, San Francisco, May 15, 2019/PRNewswire /--
The global aluminum casting market is expected to reach $86.
5 billion according to a new report from Grand View Research, Inc. , by 2025
Register a 9.
The compound growth rate during the Forecast period was 1%.
The growth of automotive aluminum content and the increase in demand in the construction and construction industries in the Asia-Pacific region are key factors driving the market.
Key advice in the report: * in terms of revenue, the die casting process segment is expected to reach $48.
By 2025, a compound growth rate is expected to be 9 billion per cent.
1% * Fix the high pressure die casting section at 4,217 depending on the type.
2018 5 thousand tons * end of transportation by volume-
Use segment has occupied the global market with 59 market share.
The European aluminum casting market is expected to reach $ 0% in 2018.
Between 6 billion and 2025, the Middle East and Africa will become the second largest regional market for income, with a compound growth rate of 5 expected.
7% during the forecast period, due to the demand for casting products in the construction and construction departments, some key companies in the market are the limididated Metco, Inc. ;
Aluminum Corporation of AmericaDynacast; Ryobi Ltd. ;
Endurance race Technology Co. , Ltd. Walbro;
And Alcast technology.
Read the TOC research report on page 194, \"analysis report on Market Size, Share and trend of aluminum castings (by End-Use (
Industry, transportation, construction and construction), By Process (
Permanent mold, die casting)
And segment prediction, 2019-
2025 \"at: Automakers are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory requirements related to the environmental impact of vehicles.
Average fuel economy (CAFE)
The average fuel target doubled.
Thanks to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, efficiency increased from 2012 to 2025.
Weighing in vehicles by using aluminum will play a vital role in these conditions to meet regulatory requirements.
The construction and construction sector in the Asia-Pacific region is driven primarily by developing countries in the region, such as China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Residential and Non-residential Malaysia, 2018
The residential sector observed growth of nearly 4.
Actual value of 4%.
Similarly, the construction industry in Indonesia has grown about six times.
2% on the same time line
It is expected that changes in China\'s environmental policy will have a significant impact on market growth in the next few years.
China\'s Ministry of Ecology and Environment has launched three
Annual Action Plan (
2020 Action Plan)
Pollution was reduced nationwide in June 2018.
Under this policy, the government is pursuing a winter policy aimed at reducing aluminum production annually from November to 2020.
This has seriously affected the business of small and medium-sized aluminum enterprises.
According to China-
China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association
If the price of aluminum is as low as $2,206 per ton while complying with new pollution codes or policies, then large aluminum smelters will be hit.
As of February 2019, the current price of aluminum on the Shanghai Metal Exchange reached nearly $1,988 per ton, suggesting the challenges facing the market.
Lightweight materials are becoming critical in the automotive, aerospace/aerospace, and wind industries, and may receive increasing attention in the coming years.
In the automotive industry, demand for light materials is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate, and its use in manufacturing is expected to double by 2030.
Carbon fiber is one of the most promising lightweight materials in a variety of applications.
Compared with other materials, the current cost of carbon fiber is huge, which limits its use in high-end products.
However, it is expected that prices will decline over the next 20 years, bringing carbon fiber significantly closer to aluminum in terms of possibilities for ordinary consumers.
Grand View Research divides the global aluminum casting market by process, end use and region: * aluminum casting process outlook (
Volume, thousand tons;
Income, $2014-2025)
* Die casting * pressure die casting * high pressure die casting * Low pressure die casting * other * permanent die casting * other * aluminum casting ends-use Outlook (
Volume, thousand tons;
Income, $2014-2025)
* Transportation * Industry * agricultural equipment * construction equipment * other * Construction * other * aluminum casting area outlook (
Volume, thousand tons;
Income, $2014-2025)
* North America * United StatesS.
* Canada * Mexico * Europe * Germany * France * Italy * Russia * Asia Pacific * China * Japan * India * South Korea * central South America * Brazil * MEA * afind in South Africa more research on domestic Advanced Materials industry Report, grand view Research: * ceramic Adhesives Market-The global ceramic adhesives market is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period as their usage increases in various applications.
* Volcanic ash market-the global volcanic ash market is expected to register quickly-
Rapid growth was achieved during the forecast period.
Fly ash is a fine powder material obtained as a by-product
Coal burning products in power plants.
* Basalt fiber market-due to demand in industries such as automotive, construction and construction, marine and electronics, the global basalt fiber industry is expected to grow significantly.
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