aluminum casting market worth 79.13 billion usd by 2022

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Aluminum Casting market worth 79.
Pune, India, 2022, Pune, India, May 25, 2017/PRNewswire/-$13 billion, May 25, 2017-
Report on the aluminum casting market: each process (
Die casting, permanent mold casting, sand casting), End-use Sector (
Transportation, industry, construction and construction), and Region -
Global Forecast by 2022 released by Marketsandmarkets™It is estimated that the market size of aluminum castings will increase from 55 years.
It was $56 billion in 2017.
From 13 billion to 2022, the compound growth rate was 7. 33%. (Logo: )
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It is expected that in the coming years, with rapid urbanization and industrialisation, there will be a significant increase in demand for light vehicles and new buildings around the world. Large-
Scale investment in industrial and manufacturing units, coupled with growing demand for light fuels
High-efficiency cars in emerging economies are some of the factors driving the growth of the aluminum casting market.
By 2022, the die casting sector is expected to dominate the aluminum casting market. The die casting sector is expected to dominate the process sector in the aluminum casting market as it helps to reduce the weight of the aluminum casting market and industrial machines.
It is mainly used in the Transportation Department to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles.
The demand for light vehicles is expected to increase due to the substantial growth of the global automotive industry, which will further drive the die-casting market.
Download the PDF manual @ transport is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period.
In 2016, the transportation industry dominated the market and is expected to be the fastest --growing end-
In the next five years, due to the growth of urbanization and fuel demand, the user sector
Efficient and lightweight-weightvehicles.
It is expected that the Transport Department will witness the highest demand for aluminum castings, because aluminum is considered one of the most feasible materials for manufacturing automotive parts such as cylinder heads, chassis, and power systems, due to the wide range of benefits provided, such as high strength-to-
Weight ratio, sustainability, recyclability and versatility. \" Asia-
The Pacific Aluminum Casting market holds the largest market share. \"Asia-
The Pacific holds the largest market share in the aluminum casting market, and China is the largest countrylevel market.
2007 after the recovery of China\'s housing market in 2010-
2009 recession and increased demand for light and low maintenance vehicles are some of the factors driving the Asian aluminum casting marketPacific.
Thanks to the presence of many leading companies, the market in the region is growing rapidly.
Outstanding Performance in industries such as construction, automotive, mass transport and aerospace plays a vital role in the growth of the Asian aluminum casting marketPacific region.
The main participants in the inquiry @ aluminum casting market include Alcoa(U. S. )
China Aluminum Corporation Limited (China)
Joint company Rusal (Russia)Liyoubi Co. , Ltd (Japan), Rio Tinto (U. K. ), Arconic Inc. (U. S. )
China Hongqiao Group Co. , Ltd (China)
Gibbs Die Casting Company (U. S. )
Charlotte (U. S. ), and Nemak S. A. B. De C. V. (Mexico).
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