Aluminum Angle - 2020 Industrial assembly aluminum parts

by:AAG     2020-11-14
Aluminum Angle code, T nut, square nut. T screw, built-in fittings, half shaft fitting, hinge, the inputting type nut, elastic nut, slider, T nut, a word fitting, seal fixed boards, PVC edge article, end cover, nylon handle.
aluminum Angle code: 2028 3030 3040 4040 3060 6060 8080
built-in fittings: large and small size
T nut: M4, M5 M6 M8:
T screw M6 M8
hinge: 60 * 45 40 * 40 inputting type nut:
M6 M8
material: nickel plating, zinc alloy
products are of good quality and complete specifications price flat
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