Aluminum, aluminum parts, industrial aluminum profile, T nut, f the feet wheel, foot cups, adjust a foot

by:AAG     2020-11-13
After repeated samples, detection, communication and confirmation, Malaysia has a customer relationship with confirmation.
the first order includes: marble nut, nylon hinge, A, plastic handle, Angle of 20 yards, Angle of 30 yards, Angle of 4080 yards, elastic fasteners, mobile, T nut, steel ball bull 's-eye, nylon bull 's-eye.
with Germany ITEM cooperation for many years, before the customer is very strict with product quality, the sample is for 2 months. In industrial aluminum accessories industry for many years, has been adhering to the quality, price to win customers recognized the idea, with the customer's requirements. Win more and more customers approval, deserves it.
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