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by:AAG     2020-11-16
City industrial equipment co. , LTD. , main industrial aluminum and industrial aluminum parts, aluminum parts, Angle code, right Angle connection block casting, hinges, plastic hinge, Angle, aluminum strip connecting rod, T bolt; Aluminum; Round head bolt; Aluminum alloy round connectors; Lu: xingcai; Built-in fittings; Nine word Angle code, marbles nut; Elastic half block; The diamond nut block; Industrial aluminium profile; Flange nut; Angle of groove fittings; Angle; Large Angle; U decorative article; Sealing side strip, foot cups, plug, square nuts, castor/cover plate; Rectangular connectors; Triangle fittings; Aluminum die casting Angle; Handle city industrial equipment co. , LTD is a industrial aluminium profile, aluminum bracket aluminum extrusions, assembly line, feeder machine aluminum, aluminum wave soldering, reflow soldering, lu: xingcai, hex nut, T nut, the slider nut, built-in fittings, PVC glue, industrial Angle yards. Plastic cover, colloidal particles of zinc alloy hinge, industrial aluminum accessories adjust seat, 90 degrees fittings, industrial aluminum accessories aluminum Angle, Angle. Aluminum strip, aluminum. Aluminum, industrial aluminum parts, fittings and other products distribution wholesale individual operation. - Aluminum industrial aluminum industrial aluminum accessories | | | line aluminum aluminum aluminum frame aluminum table gb oubiao industrial aluminum aluminum aluminum guangdong industrial aluminum accessories Angle code gb aluminum oubiao industrial aluminum aluminum aluminum accessories accessories
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