Aluminum accessories/aluminum Angle code/aluminum fittings/thickening heavy horn a L profile Angle fitting bracket

by:AAG     2020-11-12
The company specializing in the production of aluminum Angle fitting 3030 Angle code 4545, 4040 aluminum Angle connectors, corner fittings, 6060 straight fittings, large crossing zinc horn yards, degree of zinc   code, Angle three-dimensional connections, Angle code, Angle code ( Long hole) Aluminum Angle and round hole Angle code, long hole Angle code, galvanized Angle code, three-dimensional Angle code, aluminum Angle code 6060, 6080, right Angle, steering Angle   supply industrial aluminum type   material accessories - - Aluminum parts - - Powerful Angle - Angle yard - - - - - - - - Mainly used for right Angle connection of various profiles framework. Accessories: special T bolts, flange nuts to match. Industrial aluminium profile accessories - supply - Aluminum parts - Angle of connection - - - - - - - - - Mainly used for various profile Angle of connection. Purpose: the Angle joint is a special fittings semicircle shape, it can connect two or three profiles together, together with the cover plate of form a complete set, is clean and beautiful. Connecting bolts are subject to supply industrial aluminium profile accessories - - Aluminum parts - The built-in connection - half shaft fittings - - - - - - - - Mainly used for various profiles and profiles connection. Purpose: this accessories are often used to two profiles associated with right Angle, and is suitable for the need to often move profile connection USES: used to strengthen the support point being connection profiles, can also be used as a mobile location profile connection mode. Connection with the T bolt and nut should be another match.
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