Aluminum 4040 winning European standard assembly line automation aluminum frame table support

by:AAG     2020-11-14
Industrial equipment co. , LTD is a professional sales all kinds of aluminum with efficiency increasing, the company continues to grow, has become outstanding in the same industry, in southern China also has a certain visibility. Mainly engaged in industrial aluminum, assembly line aluminum, aluminum, aluminum extrusions, belt line. Process the rack aluminum. Plug-in line aluminum. Assembly aluminum. Wave soldering aluminium profile. Angle of aluminum. Aluminum bar. Flat aluminum. Aluminum parts. Angle yards. The wind's hanging round. Aluminum decorative strip. Square nut. Any fittings. Adjust the seat. The slider nut. 90 degree Angle block. Half shaft fittings. Connecting a word. Drum. Clapboard, etc. Through the company leadership and all staff's hard work, hard work and modern sales foreground of formal type units, customers in major cities throughout the country.
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