Aluminium letter early review: aluminium material shocks sideways on the 25th

by:AAG     2020-11-08

in early trading on September 25 aluminum cnal. Com comprehensive market analysis: the previous session of the Yangtze river nonferrous aluminum average fell 370 to 16240, the south China sea colored aluminum average fell 380 to 16940. Shanghai aluminum spot contracts at 1710, 16735, 17010, 16115, the lowest at 16290, down 545, or 3. 24%. Aaron aluminum electric 3 early 2158. 00, up to 2170. 00, the minimum 2112. 50, the close of 2160. 00, workshop workbench up 3. 00 or 0. 14%. The dollar index opened 92. 16, 92. 22, the minimum 91. 78, the close of 92. 16, 0 fall. 02 or 0. 02%. LME inventories decreased from 5350 to 1294850 tons, the previous aluminium warehouse receipt by an increase of 7122 tons to 542752 tons. News: 1, 53, in September the Markit manufacturing PMI initial expectations 53, 8 from 52. 8. The United States in September Markit services PMI initial 55. 1, 55. 7, 8 from 56. The United States in September Markit composite PMI initial 54. 6, 8 from 55. 3. 2. 【 Xinhua: 2 day eight towers, regulating the overweight, release what signal? 】 Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the workshop workbench these cities is not the traditional hot spots, but the recent rising house prices and trading volume significantly. Now when the housing market golden nine silver ten traditional sales season, how to choose the point dense tightening policy, release the strong signal on the property market is not relaxed, is conducive to further stabilize the market expectations. This round of regulation and control precision, & other; Where prices rose significantly, regulation is where to direct & throughout; 。 Today price analysis: non-ferrous metals futures market as a whole range of partial strong trend workshop workbench, Shanghai aluminum breakthrough last week after failing to return to high and volatile range, continue to over 16000 shock consolidation. Aluminium material shocks sideways, today are for reference only.
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